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Shannon Mulligan-Mayernik is an herbalist and plant medicine maker based in Northern New Jersey. Co-Owner of Mayernik Kitchen, Beekeeper & Educator of all things local and homemade. Graduate apprentice of herbalist Robin Rose Bennett and recent graduate of the Chestnut School of Herbs. Shannon graduated from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition in 2015 and became a Master Food Preserver in 2019. Currently, Shannon is participating in a year long clinical program for herbal medicine in Bronx, New York.

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As you know, we Mayerniks preach organic as often as possible.  This goes from what we eat, to how we cook, to our skin care regime, and even how we try to self-medicate (at least, as often as possible).  As I was sneezing uncontrollably one... read more.

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We are excited to announce one of our favorite additions to March’s Out of the Woods Apothecary Box: the Ginger Tincture.  As you may have read in our blog dedicated to all things ginger, this potent spice offers not only a wealth of flavor... read more.

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Woo hoo!  It’s about that time of year again: the days get longer, the weather gets warmer, and Matt becomes a garden drill sergeant.  Though most people recognize the Spring Equinox as the first day of spring, March 20 is so much more... read more.

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I had been using Vick’s Vapo Rub for as long as I can remember.  Some of my fondest childhood memories - though they involve being sick - were of my mom rubbing the soothing cream on my chest in the hopes of some easy breathing at bedtime.... read more.

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I love this time of year.  I really do.  The weather is getting warmer, but not hot enough to be suffocating.  We are getting more hours of daylight.  And, best of all, we have a series of unsung hero spring holidays.  With... read more.

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Seed Planting  in March? In New Jersey? Not always easy! The center of the Mayernik Garden is an enclosed area surrounded by a five foot fence to keep the deer out, as well as any other little critters! We have been less successful keeping out... read more.

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One of our favorite members of the new March Out of the Woods Apothecary Box is our own Organic Boo Boo Cream.  Though most people reach for their tube of Neosporin when the roughest of ouchies hits, our cream is worlds better for one main... read more.

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If you’ve ever been pregnant, you’ve probably heard that ginger is one of the most typically prescribed all-natural remedies to morning sickness.  Since we’ve never been pregnant in this house, we just know that ginger helps... read more.

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With Spring only 20 days away, we are so excited to announce our March Out of the Woods Apothecary Box.  With the weather warming up (hopefully) and the days getting longer (YAY!),  we have some awesome products for you that will help ease... read more.

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Have you ever found yourself feeling down and out during the winter time?  It makes sense: the weather is colder, there are less hours of daylight, less sunshine, and people just seem moodier.  Don’t fret, though, because there are... read more.

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If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you will see that we spotlighted the Organic Rose Facial Toner yesterday! Today, we wanted to educate you on why this toner is one you should keep on hand all the time.  This is one of my personal... read more.

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If you need some quick snack ideas, the Healthy Living Guild | Snacks will be perfect for you. I had the privilege of reviewing the guild before the re-launch of Emily Beatty's new website. The website is so clean and cheerful! The photo's on the... read more.