Herbal Quizzes

How well do you know your herbs? Play along to find out!

We at Mayernik Kitchen believe that plant identification is key to learning more about what grows in your yard, neighborhood, and town.  We usually receive the same question, “How can I Identify more plants?”  The short answer, start with one plant and grow and build on that one plant.

We all take different paths to learning about medicinal plants and backyard herbs.  These might be for a specific ailment or overall knowledge of plants.  However, in the end, the more you can identify the more you can experiment and use in your daily life or for that pesky bug bite.

We have created these four different free medicinal plant quizzes to test your knowledge and continue to build on your ability to identify plants.

We also offer a yearlong Herb Farm Apprenticeship that takes you through the entire process of seed to harvest.  Looking for something a little less intensive, view our in person events.

Happy Learning.