Shannon & Matt Mayernik

About Matt

I'm the gardener in the family. I first started gardening at a very young age with my family. In high school, I became very interested about the power and medicinal benefits of herbs. Then I read the Herb Book, by John Lust; It changed my life. I soon, took over the responsibilities of the garden and also added an herb garden.

As I got older, eating healthy, locally grown food became more important to me. Finally in 2012, when Shannon and I were able to purchase our home, I was able to fulfill my dream of a large garden. It has been hard work, but also rewarding picking a bunch of radishes, a bowl of arugula salad or fresh New Jersey tomatoes.

When I'm not in the garden, I'm running an Integrated Web Agency, Hudson Horizons, since 2003. I'm a programmer at heart and oversee the internal operations of the company.

About Shannon

Hi, I'm a food and lifestyle photographer, a home cook, a gardener and avid reader.  I love that I can put all my passions into one platform, Mayernik Kitchen, and share it all with you. From blogs to vlogs, recipes and reviews, you'll get a real sense of what it's like to live our everyday life.

My first job was working at the local garden center in the greenhouse, and this is where my love of all plants and food started. I was just a high school gal at the time, but it really laid the foundation to my lifestyle and passions I have today. As I coasted through college and my 20's, food and nutrition became more of my everyday life. I became more aware of what I needed to do to live my best life possible, and I want to share my experiences (good and bad) on how I got to where I am at today. Food is the center of our lives.

I savor simple goodness; homemade and homegrown; local and seasonal. I feel very little is needed to live a happy life; so welcome to my happy life.  

Matt & Shannon Mayernik