Mayernik Kitchen Courses

Join us in our kitchen or out in the garden to learn about growing medicinal herbs, herbal remedies, gardening, preserving and fermenting. Each course offers video content as well as recipes, tutorials, charts, graphs and more. 

Our online courses are self-paced and give students a range of materials to work with. Each course can be enjoyed by a beginner as well as a well-seasoned herbalist/gardener/homesteader. 

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Tincture Making 101 OnDemand Course

Tincture Making 101

Herbal Tinctures 101 is a course to help you get started, or dive you deeper into the world of herbal preparations. You will learn the folk method of tincture making, the supplies and materials needed and also WHY you should be creating these simple plant medicines from herbs that grow right out your back door.

Teas, Infusions & Decoctions OnDemand Course

Teas, Infusions & Decoctions

This course is designed to draw a clear line between commonly confused terms, teas, infusions, and decoctions. Here we are using water + herbs as our preparation. Water has can be utilized in three different methods to produce different results and intentions, so let's jump in and learn about teas, infusions and decoctions. 


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