Tinctures Making 101

Are you a seasoned tincture making herbalist with jars lining your herbal apothecary or are you brand new to the idea BUT want to learn more? If you said yes, to either, this course if for you! 

Herbal Tinctures 101 is a course to help you get started, or dive you deeper into the world of herbal preparations. You will learn the folk method of tincture making, the supplies and materials needed and also WHY you should be creating these simple plant medicines from herbs that grow right out your back door. 

This course includes video lessons, hand outs & recipes to get your started on your tincture making journey. 


What is a tincture?

  • Concentrated alcohol based extract
  • Made with flowers, stems, leaves, fruits, bark, roots
  • Taken internally & sometimes used externally


Supplies & Materials

  • Checklist of supplies you will need
  • Herbs + menstruum's that could be used 
  • Timelines + How to store & Use 


Folk Method Tincture Making

  • Step-by-step process on how to make a tincture
  • Fresh vs Dried Herb Preparations
  • Foraging Wild vs Purchased Herbs 


This course is designed to encourage all plant lovers around the world who are trying to make an impact by adding herbs to their routines. We highly encourage:

  • Newbies
  • Parents
  • Homesteaders
  • Farmers
  • Foragers
  • Gardners
  • Herbalists

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Want to start your home apothecary? 

This 3-part course will help prepare you for a season of tincture making. Not only will you learn what is needed to make a tincture, but how to prepare one, safely use one and how to grow your home apothecary, one jar at a time.