Unveiling the Mystical World of Mugwort

Unveiling the Mystical World of Mugwort

By Shannon, Posted in Herbal Remedies

In the world of herbs and botanical wonders, there are few things as fascinating and mysterious as mugwort. This versatile herb, scientifically known to the world as Artemisia vulgaris, has a rich history spanning all continents and cultures. From tinctures to dried herbs, from smudge sprays to herbal steams, mugwort offers countless mystical and practical uses. 

Today, we are embarking on a journey to uncover the secrets of this fascinating herb and the array of products it graces on our shelves.

Mugwort Tincture

Mugwort Tincture, an elixir of the herb's essence, is a gateway to the world of dreams and visions. As a botanical ally, it is believed to enhance one's ability to remember and interpret dreams. 

Take a few drops of this enchanting tincture before bed, and find yourself transported to the ethereal landscapes of your subconscious mind.

Mugwort TEA

Mugwort's versatility knows no bounds. The dried leaves and flowers of mugwort are a treasure trove of natural remedies. Our folks from ancient cultures have used them for everything from relieving menstrual cramps to warding off evil spirits.

With our Mugwort Dried Herb, you can assemble soothing teas, create herbal sachets, or add a pinch to your culinary creations to seek the healing powers of this extraordinary herb.

Sleepy Time Salve

Crafted with love and care, our Sleepy Time Salve is a gentle reminder that self-care is an essential part of our journey. It combines the soothing properties of mugwort with the goodness of lavender to help you get that much-needed zzzz.

Massage a small amount onto your temples or pulse points before bed, and let its calming aroma transport you to the land of sweet dreams.

Mugwort Sage Smudge Spray

Mugwort Sage Smudge Spray can be your best rescue option to clear the energy of your space without the fumes of traditional smoke.

This spray combines the cleansing powers of Mugwort and Sage to help you cleanse your surroundings and lift your spirits. A few spritzes can help you get a fresh start with new surroundings or even a brand new day, kicking away the negative energies to make passage for the positive vibrations.

Apart from cleansing your energy field, it also enhances your intuition and mood, reduces stress and anxiety, wards off insects, and eradicates airborne germs.

You can use it in your ultrasonic diffuser either on its own or in combination with your preferred essential oils for a lasting impact.

Cleansing Smudge and Abalone Shell

For those who prefer the time-honored tradition of smoking with sacred herbs, a bundle of mugwort bundled with sage and an abalone shell makes a powerful cleansing ritual. 

Our smudging blend is a comforting fusion of Mayernik Garden Sage and locally sourced Mugwort, designed to refresh your thoughts, dispel negative energy, and purify your spirit. Let the dance of smoke and intention renew your space and your energy. The kit also incorporates an abalone shell that serves as a vessel for smoky herbs, adding an extra layer of reverence to your practice.

Breath Easier Herbal Steam

Our Breathe Easier Herbal Steam stands out as one of our incredibly versatile products, enriched with a wealth of respiratory-friendly ingredients aimed at combating respiratory-compromising ailments. It contains a blend of natural, chemical-free ingredients, including Mayernik Garden sage, peppermint, mugwort, thyme, chamomile, and ginger.

Boil water, add a handful of dried herbs from the packet, and create a steam tent with a towel over your head. The aromatic vapors will open your airways and cleanse your senses by clearing congested sinuses and chests, all the while aiding in the expulsion of excess phlegm.

It's like a spa day for your respiratory system that helps keep you refreshed and energized.

Sleep Oxymel

Made with a harmonious blend of mugwort, catnip, lemon balm, hops, raw honey, and apple cider vinegar, our Sleep Oxymel is a lullaby in a bottle. 

Enjoy a dropper full before going to bed for a peaceful sleep. The soft sweetness of honey and the soothing embrace of mugwort will transport you to the realm of dreams.