Mugwort Dried - Artemisia Vulgaris
Mugwort Dried - Artemisia Vulgaris
Mugwort Dried - Artemisia Vulgaris
Mugwort Dried - Artemisia Vulgaris
Mugwort Dried - Artemisia Vulgaris
Mugwort Dried - Artemisia Vulgaris

Mugwort Dried - Artemisia Vulgaris

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  • Mugwort
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Mugwort Dried is a perfect sleep aid for your road to vivid dreams. Our farm-grown Mugwort plants in Sussex County are harvested at the peak of their readiness and meticulously shade-dried to keep their marked aroma and valuable active constituents vibrant.

Brew yourself an overpowering cup of Mugwort tea, simmer it into a lip-smacking syrup, or doctor your own tincture using our Mugwort Dried to attain its well-praised benefits, such as treating indigestion, cleansing bowels, soothing intestinal cramps, treating loss of appetite, calming erratic nerves, easing anxiety to escort a restful night’s sleep.


  • MK Foraged Mugwort


Steep 1 tablespoon with 8oz. of boiled water for 5 to 10 minutes, strain, and enjoy.

About Mugwort

For millennia, Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) has been correlated with the summer solstice and full moon. The dried sprigs of Mugwort leaves and their glowing embers and smoke are wafted around the participant or ritual place for consecration. Mugwort is quite suitable for spiritual cleansing, healing, protection, trance, vivid dreams, and intuitive development.
Mugwort is psychoactive incense that fortifies psychic awareness, opens up the pineal eye (third eye), and helps us connect with the spiritual realms. Medicinally, it is used to quieten stress and anxiety. It is used to cleanse bowels, aid in digestion, relieve gas, soothe cramps, and treat loss of appetite.


Mugwort Dried - Artemisia Vulgaris Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mugwort Dried- Artemisia vulgaris?

Mugwort Dried is a pure form of dried leaves that can be brewed into teas or simmered with sugar solution to form its syrup for the treatment of minor digestive ailments, such as constipation, indigestion, flatulence, stomach and intestinal cramps, and loss of appetite. It works on the erratic nerves by calming their excessive excitatory neurotransmission and helps relieve stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Use it to have a good night’s sleep and experience the realm of vivid dreams.


Is Mugwort Dried- Artemisia vulgaris safe for children to use?

Mugwort Dried is safe to use for children. It aids in digestion and calms their senses to give them a restful night’s sleep. However, if your child is allergic to ragweed and its other family members (Asteraceae) then avoid using the product. 


How can I use Mugwort Dried- Artemisia vulgaris?

Steep 1 tablespoon with 8oz. of boiled water for 5 to 10 minutes, strain, and enjoy.


Is Mugwort Dried- Artemisia vulgaris good for anxiety?

Mugwort Dried is one of the most popular remedies to treat anxiety and reduce chronic stress levels. It calms the erratic nerves by reducing the excitatory neurotransmission and high blood pressure, relaxing the person by ameliorating their mental health.


Is Mugwort Dried- Artemisia vulgaris used for vivid dreams?

Mugwort Dried stimulates the realms of vivid dreaming and improves psychic activity which increases the state of awareness during dreaming. It helps the dreamer reach the incredible heights of dreams and recall them easily.


Is Mugwort Dried- Artemisia vulgaris safe to use during pregnancy?

Mugwort Dried is possibly unsafe to use during pregnancy and lactation. It might cause a miscarriage because it stimulates the contraction of uterine muscles and bleeding. Mugwort is also capable of crossing the blood-milk barrier (BMB) which can be detrimental to the health of the infant.

Should I use Mugwort Dried every day?

Everyday use of Mugwort Dried in any medicinal form depends on the age of the person, complications being addressed, and possible user allergies.  Consult your doctor/pharmacist or herbalist for proper intervals and the extent of consumption of the product.


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