Bugleweed Tincture

Bugleweed Tincture is a well-known astringent with various medicinal uses. It is used time and time again to treat hyperthyroidism by reducing the levels of thyroid hormones in our bodies.


Lemon Verbena Dried - Aloysia citrodora

Lemon verbena dried is hands down our favorite bedtime brew. Enjoy the courtesy of this relaxing tea and fluff your pillows for a soothing bedtime.


Mugwort Dried - Artemisia Vulgaris

Enjoy Mugwort to attain its well-praised benefits, such as treating indigestion, cleansing bowels, soothing intestinal cramps, treating loss of appetite, calming erratic nerves, easing anxiety to escort a restful night’s sleep.


Passionflower Tincture

Passionflower Tincture helps promote restful sleep, reduce anxiety and attention-deficit hyperactivity, relieves pain, corrects heart rhythm, and curtails the severity of menopausal symptoms.


Sleep Tea Blend

Our Sleep Tea Blend is a sublime potion to relieve stress and bring back your long-lost sleep. It is a blend of true-sleep inviting divas, enriched with the balmy goodness of chamomile, catnip, passionflowers, and lavender.


Sleep, Yes Please!

Need help sleeping? Try one of the two tinctures in this kit, along with a dab or two of the salve on your temples, and off to dreamland you'll go!


Valerian Root Tincture

Valerian Root Tincture not only fights insomnia but also reduces anxiety, manages stress, lowers blood pressure, eases menstrual cramps, improves menstrual blood flow, mitigates joint pain and headaches.


Exerts a soothing, tranquilizing effect on the body.