Lemongrass Tincture - Mayernik Kitchen

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Life sure is funny sometimes.  Just as I was trying to convince myself not to interrupt my day with a nap because I have so much work to do (darn headaches!), I remembered that I needed to share some thoughts on our lemongrass tincture.  Before I sat down to write, I indulged in a bit of this month’s tincture myself, and I can already feel it beginning to work.  Hmmm, maybe I won’t need that nap after all!  If you haven’t subscribed to August’s Out of the Woods Ap... read more.

Mayernik Kitchen Herb Infused Salt - Mayernik Kitchen

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One of the most widely used spices in all of cooking is salt.  While we all know we should limit our salt intake, there is no denying that it offers tons of flavor.  Just as herb infused olive oils spiked on the specialty food scene, herb infused salts are soaring in popularity.  The downfall is that in most specialty markets, herb infused salts can be ridiculously expensive.  In your own home, however, they are super easy (and much cheaper!) to create if you’ve simply got a bit of... read more.

Herb of the Month - Lavender - Mayernik Kitchen

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I know we’ve posted a ton about lavender in the past, but we love this plant so much that we named it our August Herb of the Month.  Because of its health benefits, sweet smell, and wide array of uses, lavender has become one of the most widely used herbs in the world.  Matt and I put lavender into just about anything, and I know we aren’t alone.  Tales of lavender use and healing powers date back to the ancient Egyptians (for mummification), ancient Romans (for bathing and perfum... read more.

Organic Cuticle Cream - Mayernik Kitchen

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Alright, ladies…who’s with me in the fight against dry cuticles?  Try as I may to pamper myself every now and then with a professional manicure, I still find those flaky little layers of skin popping up at the most inopportune moments.  And, quite honestly, dropping everything to get to the nail salon is not always feasible.  I love taking great care of my skin, ensuring that I use as many natural products as possible.  I love being able to shake hands and offer a firm shake... read more.

Homemade Yoga Mat Spray - Mayernik Kitchen

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Ironically enough, most people practice yoga to keep themselves healthy – inside and out.  However, when we insert the modern fad of germophobia, I must ask, is your yoga practice really keeping you as healthy as you intend?  I don’t know what made me think of all those microscopic germs floating around my yoga mat, but I do know we had to think of something to help the situation!  I’m a big fan of getting dirty, don’t get me wrong.  But, there is a time and a pla... read more.

August Out of the Woods Apothecary Box - Mayernik Kitchen

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Summer is a time for tons of rest, relaxation, BBQs, and friends, but it could also be super tough on our bodies.  As we are outdoors more – hopefully doing more physical activity and keeping active – we tend to neglect ourselves a bit more.  We indulge in super yummy beverages and sneak some foods we might normally avoid, and then we wonder why, at the end of summer, we aren’t necessarily feeling our best.  Of course, making more conscious decisions about what we do and wha... read more.

Mayernik Garden Basil Infused Organic Olive Oil - Mayernik Kitchen

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Each year, one of our most successful planting stories comes in the form of an age-old favorite: basil.  Basil, like many other herbs, tends to take off in growth and can quickly take over an entire area of the garden.  We generally like to keep it potted in order to keep it under control, but the uses for basil are so immense that we don’t mind having some extra on hand.  Most people recognize basil as a super aromatic herb often used in cooking (mainly Mediterranean-type dishes). &nbs... read more.

Homemade Strawberry Rhubarb Spread - Mayernik Kitchen

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  In the early spring, an amazingly underrated, sweet fruit begins to sprout in New Jersey.  We decided to harvest some rhubarb just after we picked some of our own fresh strawberries at a local farm in early June – before the weather became too hot.  So, really, what else was I supposed to do with a house stocked full of strawberries and rhubarb.  Sure, I could have made pies and cookies, but that is so cliché.  Instead, I opted to try a new spread.  Though it... read more.

Homemade Dandelion Root Tincture - Mayernik Kitchen

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Anyone that knows Matt knows that he is open to eating pretty much anything.  Though this used to extend a bit further – you know, with the meat and seafood world – he has definitely kept up an active palette even since becoming vegetarian.  He devises some combinations of ingredients that most would never think to pair, and he is (almost) always successful.  A few years ago, he did a bit of research on dandelions.  Since they are so commonly found, Matt decided that, as long... read more.

Herb of the Month - Holy Basil - Mayernik Kitchen

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Since it’s prime crop season in New Jersey – and that, of course, formed the basis of the whole Mayernik Kitchen conception – Matt and I decided to begin crowning an “herb of the month” from our garden.  This year, we began growing Holy Basil – an herb most popular in India.  We have started with some seeds and have successfully sprouted about five of these plants; they took quite nicely as new members of our garden.  Since they are historically awesome and... read more.