Introducing MK Untapped

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Well it’s no secret, Matt and I love breweries. We also love supporting local, small businesses so we wanted to share with you all our travels and adventures as we make our way around the states trying out new breweries and eateries. This idea came to us quite some time ago, but we never really did anything with it. We wanted to document our day and create little day trips that you all could go on too. We also wanted to support local businesses and help get the word out about them. As small business... read more.

Grapefruit Curd Tart

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In 2015, I took a 3-week food photography class with Gina Weathersby and it was such an awesome class. If you read last week’s blog post, you saw one of my favorite images (coffee & cinnamon) that was taken during that course. Over the years, Gina’s course has had a Facebook group that has been a bit quiet but as we kicked off 2018, Gina revamped the page and has us all inspired again. Our first prompt was this very, in depth Grapefruit Curd Tart. I am a lover of baking as well as photogra... read more.

Welcome {Back} to the Mayernik Kitchen Blog

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Hello! Long time no chat. It’s been a while since the blog has been updated, but there is no better time than now to get back into it, right?! Can you believe we are already one month into 2018? January was a long month, so I was looking forward to the start of February (which also brings us days closer to Spring!) When I choose my word of the year, {Knowledge} I knew I wanted to jump back into blogging to share everything I was learning with you all. Sometimes it’s hard to share info in a Fa... read more.

Pickled Common Milkweed - New Jersey

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Common Milkweed also known as the butterfly flower is a native plant to the eastern part of the United States and I am so happy to have found some just miles from my home. Common Milkweed is a new plant for me, as I have just identified and learned about it over the past week. It seems that once I learn about a plant, I start to see it everywhere. I came across a blog post from Three Lily Provisions on Common Milkweed and was on a mission to find some. And little did I know, that when Matt and I set out to... read more.

Sap on Tap – Maple Water – New Jersey

By Shannon, Posted in Food Review

Have you ever had maple water? If not, I highly suggest you give it a shot. I recently came across Sap on Tap at my local Whole Foods and I knew I had to try it. Living in the Northeast of the US, I know how abundant Maple Trees are in my area. Soo nice and local, right?! Maple water is 100% pure and natural. As sap travels up from the roots, it gets filtered along the way, infusing itself with about 2x the amount of manganese as a cup of kale! With only 36 calories in a bottle, these are the calories I wi... read more.

Why I Stand Up for Bees - Despite my Fear | Northern NJ

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The Mayernik’s are Backyard Beekeepers! Can you believe it? I can’t. I have had a fear of bees for as long as I can remember. It was never the fear of them stinging me or crawling on me, it was the BUZZING sound. It literally would drive me to flail my arms and make myself look like a complete lunatic whenever one came a little too close to me. But over the past year or so, I have become more interested in those buzzing little insects as I saw the decline of their species due to pesticides as... read more.

Northern California Wine Country – Travel with The Mayernik’s

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Northern California in March is perfection! Matt and I headed out there in mid-March for a nice little get away. And boy did we leave right in time. We ended up missing a snow storm that dumped 14 inches of snow while we were sipping wine in 76-degree weather. I am pretty sure there were many people not too thrilled with us when we posted pictures of sunshine and flip flops but we were having the time of our lives! We first headed up to Sonoma County, particularly the Dry Creek Valley area. We are members... read more.

Homegrown Mayernik Garden Migraine Tincture

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Well, this winter’s weather has been crazy! One day it’s sunny and warm and the next it’s cold and snowing. We hear from a lot of people that the change in barometer can cause some serious migraines for those that suffer from them. The drop and rise of pressure tends to bring on these debilitating headaches. We’ve done some research and hope that our Migraine Tincture could help ease some of the pain. Not only does the barometric pressure prompt migraines, alcohol, food additives an... read more.

Meet the Mayernik's - Northern New Jersey

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Hello! Thanks for stopping by the blog! We sure are happy you are here! We thought it would be a perfect time to re-introduce ourselves to you, especially if you are new to Mayernik Kitchen. Mayernik Kitchen was an idea started in April of 2015. At that point, we really had no idea what we wanted to do with it. We live in Northern NJ and have a love of gardening, herbalism, homemade anything, and living a natural, simple life. So we thought if we put everything together that we loved, we could create an... read more.

September Out of the Woods Apothecary Box - Mayernik Kitchen

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Hello, September!  I just love, love, LOVE that summer is coming to a close.  That means, pretty soon, I’ll be in my comfy boots and cozy sweaters, readying up for my favorite time of year.  Since September kicks off the fall season, we felt like we needed to outdo ourselves with this month’s subscription box; I certainly can’t slack on one of my favorite months.  Matt and I have both grown attached to a few separate items in this box, but on the whole, it is definitely... read more.