White Pine Tincture
White Pine Tincture
White Pine Tincture
White Pine Tincture

White Pine Tincture

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White Pine is grounding and will help calm your nerves and mind on a stressful day. White Pine is also used to help break up congestion in the chest, sinus issues and bronchitis.*  

We have four large white pine trees that border our garden and we feel they are the protector of our land! 


  • Mayernik Garden White Pine Needles
  • Grain Alcohol (50%)


Enjoy a dropper full directly on your tongue or in tea/water.

You can also add to hot water to create a steam to inhale for respiratory issues.*

About White Pine

The peace tree, White Pine, is largely found in Northern America. It is said to belong to an evergreen family of Panacea. It is scientifically called "Pinus Strobus." White Pine covered vast geographical areas of the world. It is distributed across America, Canada, England, and the Czech Republic. It was identified as the provincial tree for the states of Michigan, Miami, and Missouri. White Pine was greatly significant to Canadians in terms of economy, history, and culture, and this, in turn, made it the Ontario official tree in 1984.

Still, on this, White Pine started migrating to the west. It was brought into the United Kingdom by George Weymouth, which made the English people named it after him as "Weymouth Pine." The medicinal compounds of White Pine went through exploration, and beneficial discoveries were identified as regards the use of White Pine as medicine. Compounds like pycnogenol, resin, polyphenol, and sub-groups of flavonoids were discovered in the White Pine extract. These special compounds were revealed to have medicinal value that worked against inflammation, bacterial infections, and skin reactions.

This has taken center stage in modern medicine, with many making use of it more than it was used back then. Modern medicine was supposed to center stage, taking out the use of white pine, but it has increased in popularity, helping with many digestive complications even till this day.

White Pine Tincture Frequently Asked Questions

What is White Pine Tincture

White Pine Tincture is a liquid extraction from pine trees that contains healthy and beneficial compounds. The liquid extract has been revealed to help calm the body and mind. White Pine Tincture has great medicinal compounds that have diuretic, antiseptic, rubefacient, antibacterial, and anthelminthic advantages that can fight body invaders. This tincture incorporates the properties of this herb to possibly give relief where it is possible. 

Is White Pine Tincture Good for Children?

Yes! Its health benefits make it safe for children to consume as prescribed. The pycnogenol compound found in White Pine extract has proven to have beneficial effects on a wide range of ailments confronted by children. A study has revealed how the consumption of pycnogenol in White Pine was able to reduce the hyperactivity of children with Attention-Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorders (ADHAD). This special compound can help children relax, concentrate, and be attentive.  

Is White Pine Tincture Good for Digestion?

White Pine Tincture is effective for stomach upset. Its administration will help the body naturally get rid of any waste, worm, or toxin, causing stomach disorders. Also, the pine extract can cleanse the liver, helping the body with the detoxification process. 

Is White Pine Tincture Good for Respiratory Health?

White Pine Tincture is believed to be an important herbal medicine for the lungs because of its aromatic, resinous, tannin, flavonoids, and pycnogenol qualities. These compounds are perfect medicines for the human respiratory system. They perform the action of removing mucous from the lungs by increased oxygen. With this, the body is free from respiratory invaders that contribute to chest tightness, heart attack, and strokes. 

Is White Pine Tincture Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

With resolutions from studies and researches on pycnogenol, White Pine Tincture use during pregnancy is mildly encouraged in late pregnancies. It is advisable that expecting mothers take White Pine Tincture cautiously or as prescribed by an expert. However, red flags have been shown to pregnant women in their first or second trimester. The best way to do this is by making sure it is incorporated in your medication when the pregnancy is in its later stages. This is the best advice is to seek the help of your doctor before you do anything.

Should I Use White Pine Tincture Everyday?

It is not injurious if White Pine Tincture is used daily as prescribed for a certain period of time. The available compound in the pine extraction is possibly safe when taken in small daily doses. 

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