Borage Tincture
Borage Tincture
Borage Tincture
Borage Tincture

Borage Tincture

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Borage is a deep-acting nervine for those that have exhaustion and low spirits. Borage can also be used for adrenal exhaustion and thyroid issues. Borage also strengthens our hearts and helps with heart palpitations due to hyperthyroidism.  


  • Mayernik Kitchen Borage 
  • Grain Alcohol (50%)


A dropper full taken orally in water or tea.

About Borage

While there are no concrete claims as to the origins of the name of the borage plant, there are several theories that are linked to it. It is believed that the Latin name for borage which is borago, is the corruption of the word corrago which is formed from cor – heart and ago ­– I lead. This is because the plant was believed to have strong connections with the heart functions. In seventeenth century England, the borage plant was used for issues of the hypochondriac, as well as throat sores and rheumatism.

The borage was used throughout Europe in early times, not only for medicinal purposes but as a fundamental part of daily diets. They were used as Pot-herbs for making soups and stew, the leaves where also used as a sweetener for drinks. This plant also possesses roots in ancient Greece as is evident from its reference from the Greek naturalist Pliny who states that borage “maketh a man merry and joyful” which indicates the possibility of its use in ancient Greece for wine and other forms of refreshments.

The borage plant is native to the eastern Mediterranean region but over the course of time, the plant spread and it has been naturalized in North America, Europe, and Great Britain. Of prominent mention is in the case of Greece, where several naturalists and Greek scientists used the plant and spoke of its benefits.

Borage Tincture Frequently Asked Questions

What is Borage Tincture?

Borage tincture is an extract of the borage plant that is obtained through dissolving the plant in alcohol. Borage tincture can also be acquired through dissolving the plant in other solvents such as glycerol, diethyl ether, propylene glycol and vinegar. These solvents have varying degrees of strength and not all of them can be used for borage tincture that is to be consumed internally.

Is Borage Tincture Safe for Children?

Borage tincture can be beneficial to children whether consumed internally or externally. But like in every other substance consumption, it has to be observed with the supervision of medical personnel or in alignment with professionally prescribed dosages. 

Is Borage Tincture Good for Anxiety?

Borage is widely known to reduce nervousness and anxiety. In the past and in recent practices, they have been used to combat stress and have been known to have sedating effects to the body’s nervous system. It is also highly linked to handling exhaustion, which is a prominent factor in increasing anxiety levels. This is confirmed by multiple reports that point to the effectiveness of borage tincture in menopausal women who are experiencing anxiety, stress and exhaustion.

Is Borage Tincture Good for Thyroid Issues?

There is some evidence that borage can be used for because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Thyroiditis is the inflammation of the thyroid gland due to infections, immune disorders, or trauma.  The borage seed contains a fatty known as Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA), this acid is known to perform anti-inflammatory functions.  

Is Borage Tincture Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

It is generally advisable to abstain from borage tincture during phases of pregnancy and breastfeeding. While borage tincture is widely regarded as beneficial to health, there is not a large enough pool of information regarding the effect of this substance in pregnancy and breastfeeding phases. 

Can I take Borage Tincture Daily?

There is no standard prescribed dosage for borage tincture and it can vary according to the product.