Five of Our Favorite Flower Essences

Five of Our Favorite Flower Essences

By Shannon, Posted in MK Product

Fragrance, relaxation, hydration, and more- these flower essences are our favorite for the year 2021 (so far)!

Spring is just at our doorsteps, and that calls for dazzling sun, blooming blossoms, and less clothing. As for your dear skin and darling mind, the fluctuating temperature and dry vibes can leave them flustered and agitated. Rough skin and a fired up mind isn’t just award of winters; it can be experienced at any given time of the year, typically during the course of weather change and transitioning from one place to another.

Our mind perceives everything and responds duly. From changes in diet to rise in stress, nothing goes unnoticed by our senses. Today, we are about to unwrap our 5 most favorite flower essences that are made with non-toxic and organic ingredients to help you relax and enjoy self-care.

Red Clover Flower Essence

The Red Clover Flower Essence is a treat for hyperactive and oversensitive minds as it divides up the overly-aggressive energy and aids in absorbing the information calmly from the emotional body to the physical body.

It lowers the stress scale that must have been creating energetic congestion in the upper chakras and depriving the proper functioning of lower chakras (emotional and physical body).

Daylily Flower Essence

Daylily Flower Essence is tailor-made for those who always happen to obsessively control the events and plans occurring around them. Its spritzes help switch to a carefree mode and release stress. It stimulates the solar plexus chakra that allows calm to absorb within our membranes and manifest a little-less of a dominant and a bit more of a cooperative attitude.

To bring back the sweetness and peace in life, Daylily Flower Essence is the best choice.

Calendula Flower Essence

Calendula Flower Essence bestows emotional resilience and firmness. This grounding and relaxing formula help achieve receptivity, warmth, strength, and a sense of centeredness and equilibrium.

It imparts immunity to those who experience trouble in relationships due to lack of clarity and anxiety due to intimacy and sex. Let’s drive away from the fears of vulnerability and intimacy with Calendula Flower Essence.

Wild Rose Flower Essence

Wild Rose Flower Essence restores resilience, happiness, and joy to embrace life and surmount the indifferences. It supports the notion of positive enthusiasm and reignites the passion for life.

Just when your soul feels numb to the pressure that life stresses upon, spray Wild Rose Flower Essence to unite the soul and mind to rekindle the sense of eagerness in work and life.

Lilac Flower Essence

Lilac Flower Essence helps cultivate pleasing memories and balances the equation of joy in life. It refreshes the numbed senses and suppresses the painful memories associated with trauma and abuse.

It boosts the impulses for self-connectedness and helps melancholy, depression, and fatigue. It is a perfect essence to rely upon to kick away the feeling of emptiness and longing, all the while filling the bowl of awareness with charming memories.

Capturing the flower essence of the red clover in spring water