Daylily Flower Essence
Daylily Flower Essence
Daylily Flower Essence
Daylily Flower Essence
Daylily Flower Essence
Daylily Flower Essence

Daylily Flower Essence

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Daylilies are fancily known in the scientific world as Hemerocallis, a Latin word meaning Day Beautiful. This carefree beauty grows gorgeously strong and tall, bringing a sense of harmony in its surrounding.

Daylilies are versatile, edible flowers that make a healthy garnish for salads or any other dish because they are rich in vitamin C and β-carotene. These heart protectors encourage the message of imparting deep calm. The daylily flower essence is tailor-made for those who seem to fret over everything that comes in their way. It is perfect for highly agitated and anxious beings by inducing relaxation and nourishes our minds for long-lasting calm and comfort.

How does it work?

The daylilies flower essence is of great use for the control freaks. It is good to manage a substantial load of details in our lives and others, including friends, family members, and colleagues. But, it seems quite inauspicious to be always obsessively controlling and planning daily events.

This extremely task-oriented emphasis releases masculine energy that makes the person a dominant in charge. This event can affect the activity and schedule of others in the vicinity. Although, this concern may be the product of an honest concern as some plans, for instance, orchestrating a wedding or concert is not an easy one to tackle down.

The daylily essence aids a lot in adapting a carefree attitude and dropping off the stress. This way, calm seeps through our membranes and we tend to open up and portray a cooperative attitude. It functions by stimulating the solar plexus chakra to bring stability in emotional and mental states. It positively rekindles the wonder, joy, and spark and brings the feeling of relaxation. Also, it stimulates the parasympathetic system which is known to restore the body to a calm state, all the while bringing peace and allowing us to taste the sweetness of life.


  • Daylily Blossoms
  • Spring Water
  • Alcohol (20%) 


Take 4-7 drops as needed directly under tongue or in tea/water.