Yarrow Flower Essence
Yarrow Flower Essence
Yarrow Flower Essence
Yarrow Flower Essence
Yarrow Flower Essence
Yarrow Flower Essence

Yarrow Flower Essence

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  • Yarrow
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Steeped in myth and lore, yarrow is a hero in the world of herbalism and grows almost around the whole globe. Yarrow is named after a Greek mythical hero, Achillea, who used employed it to reduce the bleeding from the wounds of soldiers.

Its flowers emit a delightful spicy aroma that strikes a blend of oregano and rosemary and appear in different hues of white, pink, yellow, orange, or red. Yarrow flower essence is declared to create and maintain healthy boundaries. It protects us sufficiently against negative energies and vibrations that are released by others in our surrounding. The ancient cultures called it a protective essence because they recognized this alchemical blend of strength and sensitivity.

How does it work?

Yarrow flower essence is considered sacred, protecting us from those who emit negativity. Even the birds line up their nests with this plant to seek protection from parasites. It helps us feel emotionally stronger and resilient while granting protection against harmful influences.

Yarrow flower essence works incredibly during an upset phase that might the product of an encounter with someone who releases negativity, anger, or depression. It functions by building and maintaining the integrity of protective walls, particularly for a person who feels over-sensitive to this humungous world. Its regular usage repulses despair, negativity, gloom, and harmful emotions.

Yarrow flower essence is custom-made for people who confront such situations on regular basis, including holistic health practitioners and psychotherapists. On the other hand, this flower remedy is also fruitful for cleansing the body’s energetic field of the fatigue that is the result of excessive screen time with electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops, desktops, tablets, and television. It is a good option to rely upon if a body needs cleansing from RF pollution (Radiofrequency).


  • Yarrow Flowers
  • Spring Water
  • Alcohol (20%) 


Take 4-7 drops as needed directly under tongue or in tea/water. 

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