Marshmallow  Flower Essence
Marshmallow  Flower Essence
Marshmallow  Flower Essence
Marshmallow  Flower Essence
Marshmallow  Flower Essence
Marshmallow  Flower Essence

Marshmallow Flower Essence

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As baffling as it sounds, but originally marshmallow is an edible plant that grants a plethora of medicinal benefits. It is characterized by holly-hock like flowers at the top of the stem, showing heavenly tones of white or pale pink.

Typically, marshmallow flower essence is used to soothe and soften inflammatory energy like anger and emotional damages. It supports and accentuates the feelings of warmth and openness. According to Anne Mclntyre (medical herbalist and Ayurvedic practitioner), it is working as a special treat for the ones who feel isolated and secluded. All jokes aside, marshmallow flower essence is perfect for providing energy support during periods of quarantine.

How does it work?

Marshmallow flower essence balances the crown chakra, 3rd eye chakra, and occipital chakra along with the cranial bones. Achievement of this balance not only grants the pathway but also the space for the integration of frequencies at the cellular level of  the brain and body. This process is also beneficial for the cranial bones as it reduces the pressure that is being forced upon them and balances the cerebral spinal fluid. All these processes prove fruitful in attenuation of headache and dizziness, all the while treating the anger issues by initially reducing the tightness in jaws and shoulders.

During the expansion process, Marshmallow flower essence grounds us to the Earth energies. It tones down the emotions associated with anger, frustration and, agitation. Oftentimes, after some traumatic experiences, people tend to build rigid walls for protection. The marshmallow flower essence is well-equipped to induce a sense of strength within one’s self and ease into action. It is also well-reputed during the times when strength and compassion are required to shake hands and deal together.

So, whenever you feel like seeking strength with gentleness, marshmallow flower essence is the perfect option


  • Marshmallow Blossoms
  • Spring Water
  • Alcohol (20%) 


Take 4-7 drops as needed directly under tongue or in tea/water. 

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