White Peony Flower Essence
White Peony Flower Essence
White Peony Flower Essence
White Peony Flower Essence
White Peony Flower Essence
White Peony Flower Essence

White Peony Flower Essence

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Peony flower is huge, fluffy, and showcases soft elegance. Its magnificent aura has earned it the title of ‘King of all Flowers’ in the Chinese culture. Its rich history dates back to the 900BC, where the ruffly appearance of this gorgeous flower made it the ‘Flower of Riches and Honor’. It blooms in various shades of white, yellow, pale pink, and magenta. When the springtime starts reducing to summer, peonies make a vibrant appearance with heavenly fragrance at hand.

White peony flower essence comes with the message of attracting abundance. The demeanor of white peony matches that of an exquisite woman, adorned with a ruffled skirt, and dancing freely while manifesting the joys of life.

How does it work?

White peony flower essence brings equilibrium between strength and fragility. It cheers the life, joy, and pleasure in a physical body at the present time. It is a one-stop-shop for those who feel limited and tend to stretch the fences around to keep their insecurities, fears, embarrassments, shyness, and whatnot.

Sometimes, people are afraid and embarrassed by the qualities that make them unique, even if those qualities are charming and useful. This bashfulness makes the person scramble more than usual for a task that can be carried out easily.

White peony flower essence mightily calls for the magnetizing powers of the individual. It gives liberty to the soul to run freely and discover new dimensions without any hindrance of limitations. It allows such people to be grateful for wherever they are and whatever they are going through, all the while setting up their domains to fill the colors of reality in their imaginative possibilities.

White peony flower essence promotes the message of abundance, contentment, gratitude, appreciation, gracefulness, lusciousness, and innocence. Meanwhile, it disintegrates the foundations of bashfulness, shame, embarrassment, feelings of deficiency.


  • White Peony Blossoms
  • Spring Water
  • Alcohol (20%) 


Take 4-7 drops as needed directly under tongue or in tea/water. 

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