Valerian Flower Essence
Valerian Flower Essence
Valerian Flower Essence
Valerian Flower Essence
Valerian Flower Essence
Valerian Flower Essence

Valerian Flower Essence

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Valerian is a friendly herb that is famous for its traditional uses, legends, and rich history. Customarily, valerian is employed during trying times of insomnia, pain, cough, plaque, and other general sicknesses.

This legendary plant is typified by the warm vanilla smell liberated by 5 petaled flowers arranged in cluster fashion that appear in white to pale pink color. These funnel-shaped flowers are macerated to form their flower essence that comes with the message of the restoration of the vital force of the soul. It extinguishes the fire that is raging in the body, such as due to issues associated with anger, anxiousness, sweating, hot flashes, and so forth.

Valerian flower essence discloses the doors to living a soulful life by opening the doors to peace and tranquility.

How does it work?

Valerian flower essence goes about the energetic circuits in the body that have the responsibility of modulating the heat. This way the body cools down, all the while calming our scattered emotional, physical, and mental state.

It can be of great use as a sleep aid as it halts our scrambling mind to stop overthinking regarding the past and future events, meanwhile allowing us to rest. In addition, it inculcates the feeling of comfort in contemporary existence and aids us to slacken a bit for gaining perspective on the priorities, particularly during the stressful phase of making decisions.

The white magic of valerian flower essence has a remarkable property of reminding us of our soulful existence by allowing us to think about our lives on a physical plane. This action aids in the restoration of vital forces of the soul and takes away the crickets of agitation, shame, horror, and grief far far away. It can be quite useful for children for evaporating worries, assisting them to relax and have a sound sleep.


  • Valerian Blossoms
  • Spring Water
  • Alcohol (20%) 


Take 4-7 drops as needed directly under tongue or in tea/water.