Rue Blossom Flower Essence
Rue Blossom Flower Essence
Rue Blossom Flower Essence
Rue Blossom Flower Essence
Rue Blossom Flower Essence
Rue Blossom Flower Essence

Rue Blossom Flower Essence

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  • Rue
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Rue is an odoriferous plant that bears vibrant yellow flowers. In herbal tradition, it is termed as the ‘Herb of Grace’. It is derived from the Greek word ’Ruta’ which means ‘to set free’. For millennia, the dew collected over the rue flowers is preserved to make holy water in Catholic Church. The strong pungent aroma of rue blossoms has earned it the secondary name ‘graveolens’.

Anciently, Rue blossoms were used by Greeks and Romans during purification ceremonies to help dispel all types of contamination. Rue blossom essence comes with the message of contentment of soul. It is known to have a strong relationship with the Earth and Air, thence rue gives us the support required to tolerate whatever crosses our path.

How does it work?

Rue flower essence functions as an intense psychic awakener. It enlightens us regarding the destructive and deleterious influences lingering in our lives. Usually, these influences are latent and far from the reach of our conscious mind. To tap these horrendous influences, our consciousness must possess a sharp focus.

Rue flower remedy is a protective remedy that budges the veil from over our eyes and helps us with the discernment regarding the environmental and social factors that are harming one’s psychic well-being. It aids in the facilitation of internal cohesion and containment of psychic forces and activates the relevant features of soul consciousness, as per personal and professional responsibilities. It works perfectly for the spiritual seekers too. For them, it dispels the psychic glamour (or illusions) that hinders in assessing the true worth, authenticity, and integrity of one’s route.

Rue flower essence corrects the dispersed or confused psychic forces which exhaust the immune system and consume the protective boundaries. It enhances the clarity and soul consciousness, needed for the activation of psychic forces.


  • Rue Blossom
  • Spring Water
  • Alcohol (20%)


Take 4-7 drops as needed directly under tongue or in tea/water. 

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