Daffodil Flower Essence
Daffodil Flower Essence
Daffodil Flower Essence
Daffodil Flower Essence
Daffodil Flower Essence
Daffodil Flower Essence

Daffodil Flower Essence

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Step into an empire of pure wonder with our Daffodil Flower Essence, distilled from the very heart of these graceful blooms. As if captured in a mystical potion, the essence of daffodils holds the secret to unlocking emotional balance and a renewed spirit. Gathered from ethereal fields where daffodils sway in harmony, this essence encapsulates the essence of the natural world, inviting you to indulge in its delightful embrace.

It is like a gentle spring breeze, soothing away stress, anxiety, and blues, leaving you with an aura of calmness and tranquility. It beckons you to shed the weight of the past and embark on a journey of rejuvenation and fresh beginnings. Handcrafted through ancient traditions, this essence is a pure reflection of nature's healing touch, free from artificial interference.



  • Daffodil Flowers
  • Spring Water
  • Alcohol (20%)


Take 4-7 drops of Daffodil Flower Essence as needed, directly under your tongue, in water, or tea.

About Daffodil

Daffodil (Narcissus) stands tall as a symbol of nature’s beauty and healing powers. These charming flowers boast long, slender green leaves that cradle their vibrant trumpet-shaped blooms, which come in an array of hues, from sunny yellows to pristine whites.

This plant harbors valuable medicinal benefits. It contains certain phytochemicals that have the potential to treat respiratory tract infections, such as colds and coughs. Moreover, daffodil extracts have been studied for their ability to possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, supporting overall immune health. Its flower essence helps in embracing serenity, awakens your soul, and sheds grieves of pasts to embark on a new journey of rejuvenation.

Daffodil Flower Essence Frequently Asked Questions

What is Daffodil Flower Essence?

Daffodil flower essence is a natural preparation that captures the energetic or vibrational qualities of daffodil flowers in a liquid form. It is used in alternative and complementary healing practices, particularly in flower essence therapy or vibrational medicine to address emotional, mental, and spiritual imbalances. In particular,  Daffodil flower essence is associated with qualities such as renewal, emotional balance, fresh starts, and spiritual growth. It can help individuals find inner calm, alleviate emotional stress, and foster a sense of optimism and hope.


Is Daffodil Flower Essence safe for children to use?

All flower essences are safe for children, adults, elders + pets.

Is Daffodil Flower Essence safe to use during pregnancy?

It is advised that pregnant women seek medical advice before using Daffodil Flower Essence or any other natural treatments.


Is Daffodil Flower Essence good for stress and anxiety?

Daffodil flower essence has energy aspects that are frequently related to rejuvenation, emotional balance, and tranquility. Therefore, by encouraging a sensation of inner calm and relaxation, it is believed that it can help reduce feelings of tension and anxiety.


Should I take Daffodil Flower Essence every day?

The daily usage of Daffodil Flower Essence depends on the ailment for which it is being administered, the manner of consumption, and possible allergies of the user. It is recommended to consult your therapist to set your Daffodil Flower Essence dose.


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