Red Clover  Flower Essence
Red Clover  Flower Essence
Red Clover  Flower Essence
Red Clover  Flower Essence
Red Clover  Flower Essence
Red Clover  Flower Essence

Red Clover Flower Essence

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Red clover flowers are edible and enjoyed a lot due to their sweet flavor. The flowers are quite different from other flowers due to its round reddish head that comprises numerous tubular flowers. Due to the nutritional complexity of this marvelous flower, it is brewed as a tea, used in both dried and fresh form to cater to various disorders such as asthma, menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis, and much more.

Red clover flower essence stands for bringing calm and steadiness in one’s presence. It supports during the transition into an expanded consciousness by changing the lower frequency emotional state, embedded in the body’s biochemistry, nervous system, and emotional subtle body.

How does it work?

Red clover flower essence redistributes the overly-aggressive energy and helps the information to be absorbed calmly from the emotional body to the physical body. It suits the hyperactive and over-sensitive minds by grounding them back into the bodies to connect with the Earth.

Red clover flower essence works wonderfully for those who yearn for non-human sources of information (such as books and computers). There is no way anyone can deny that such people have really sharp minds because their minds are filled with information that they can retrieve at any hour. But such a stressful condition is liable to generate energetic congestion in the upper chakras, thereby depriving the lower chakras (including emotions and physical body). Such people tend to be very reactive to outside events, leading to lash out even at the slightest intrusion. The person feels abandoned for not being able to connect with his own emotional body. The ego starts to battle for its life.

Red clover flower essence calms and steadies one’s presence by restoring the proper distribution of energy and homogenizes the etheric fluidity to relax the body.


  • Red Clover Blossoms
  • Spring Water
  • Alcohol (20%) 


Take 4-7 drops as needed directly under tongue or in tea/water.