Lavender Flower Essence
Lavender Flower Essence
Lavender Flower Essence
Lavender Flower Essence
Lavender Flower Essence
Lavender Flower Essence

Lavender Flower Essence

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The divinely aromatic lavender and amazingly soothing lavender flowers are one of the most cherished entities on this earth. Its appealing fragrance and myriads of fringe benefits have stretched smiles on millions of faces. In holistic health, lavender has earned quite a lot of attention and a fine reputation.

The short, dense spikes, adorned with bracts are employed in the manufacturing of the legendary lavender flower essence. It projects the message of soothing energy for the sensitive soul. This subtle distillation isn’t much aromatic but has the power to soothe the nerves of an over-stimulated soul. It allows the gentle waves of peace and relaxation to wash over an agitated soul.

How does it work?

Being a goddess of grace and peace, lavender flower essence drives the long-forgotten awareness back into the realm of our bodies. Typically, the distant extension of consciousness is the result of exaggerated spiritual practices, extreme mental activity, outrageous stimulations, and stress.

Lavender flower essence slows us down and induces peace, particularly required during meditation and uninterrupted sleep. It magically works like a soothing balm for our frantic nerves while our thoughts and senses are hyper-stimulated. It eradicates the energetic blockages, reduces emotional tension, links us to the crown chakra and higher consciousness, helps us feel the love, and clarifies our mind while our vision seems clouded. It also cools down the aggressively heated (or active) adrenal flow to aid our meditation and sound sleep.

Lavender flower essence drapes its protective wings around us and not just washes away the mental agony and worries but it also lifts the earthly burdens while clarifying the vision. Furthermore, it prepares our brain to gather the particles’ information and help us understand the different meanings of that information by working through energy circuits if the brain in a controlled manner.


  • Lavender Flowers
  • Spring Water
  • Alcohol (20%) 


Take 4-7 drops as needed directly under tongue or in tea/water.

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