Wild Rose Flower Essence
Wild Rose Flower Essence
Wild Rose Flower Essence
Wild Rose Flower Essence
Wild Rose Flower Essence
Wild Rose Flower Essence

Wild Rose Flower Essence

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Wild rose, also known as the Arctic rose, is one of the most beloved roses that impart the sweetest fragrance. Its fragrance is celebrated zealously all around the globe. A good load of soaps possess this quintessential smell within their layers and are highly-prized.

Having this heavenly smell around even if wild rose gardens are nowhere near is considered a sign of angels trying to connect with you. The wild rose scent is hailed as the scent of sanctity and is also thought of as a sign of receiving a blessed delivery from God or having God’s presence with us.

How does it work?

The wild rose flower essence is bestowed upon us with the message of embracing life and overcoming indifference. It oils the wheels for spurring up the game of motivation and supplying energy for ameliorating the life changes. According to Dr. Bach, wild rose flower remedy rekindles our interest in life.

There are times marked by burden and pressure that we tend to accept whatever life throws over at us. Our soul becomes numb and we give up thriving for changing our lives and contenting ourselves. We just brush our heads off of the innovative thoughts surf along the stereotypical waves of our life.

Wild rose flower essence replaces those feelings of apathy with the sight of the purpose that escorts the long-forgotten joy and happiness. It supports the positive enthusiasm and rekindles our passion for life. Along these lines, our mind and soul unite to find eagerness in work, life and care about those who care about us.  

So, let’s not resign to all the happenings of life senselessly and surrender without any complaints and restore resilience, joy, and happiness to enhance playfulness, embrace life, and overcome the indifferences.


  • Wild Rose Blossoms
  • Spring Water
  • Alcohol (20%) 


Take 4-7 drops as needed directly under tongue or in tea/water. 

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