Bee Balm Flower Essence
Bee Balm Flower Essence
Bee Balm Flower Essence
Bee Balm Flower Essence
Bee Balm Flower Essence
Bee Balm Flower Essence

Bee Balm Flower Essence

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  • Bee Balm
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The open bee balm flowers have a daisy-like shape and tubular petals that appear in multiple shades of pink, purple, red, and white. They gorgeously complement salads, cakes, and preserves. It not just beautifies the garden but also imparts taste in the kitchen premises.

Bee balm flowers essence encourage nervous system equilibrium. It kindles the passion to carry on with the ongoing project or aim, allowing the person to discover inspiration and joy in the present moment. It helps to stimulate optimism for prospects while assisting in enjoying the existing occasion.

How does it work?

The ecstatic bee balm flower essence bursts open the doors to blessing and sensing the practical and physical nature of the Earth. It induces a state of powerful spiritualism that reverses the feelings of being lost and brings down the soul to Earth.

The bee balm flower essence soothes the nervous system and intense stress that might be the product of any trauma. It restores the natural balance of the mind and body, distorted by a traumatic experience, and helps with focus. The persistent feelings of despair and distraction can make us annoyed and easily irritable, making the quality of our lives miserable. The bee balm flower essence, on the other hand, not only aids in adapting to the transitions of life but also arouses hope and feelings of compassion after frustrating events.

The bee balm flower remedy is also beneficial for children, who have gone through any dramatic or excessively exciting experience. It facilitates the nervous system of the child to connect with the rhythm of the heart, easing him to calmly integrate the situation. It is of great use for nervous system equilibrium as it boosts up the game of spiritual energy. It equates the physical body capacity with the situation by channeling powerful spiritual experiences onto the Earth plane, bringing joy and inspiration in daily life.


  • Bee Balm Flowers
  • Spring Water
  • Alcohol (20%) 


Take 4-7 drops as needed directly under tongue or in tea/water.