Top 5 Herbal Essentials for Students going to College

Top 5 Herbal Essentials for Students going to College

By Shannon, Posted in Herbal Remedies

I have been hearing a lot from my fellows about how their college and jobs are taking a toll on them. Managing assignments, studies, and hustles is no joke. We all have been through this phase and know all well how these college years felt like. 

The anxiety, lack of sleep, poor focus, seasonal sniffs and coughs, and partying hard on the weekends constitute college life in one sentence. Again, nature has always got you covered to keep you up and about to cope with the joys and struggles of life. 

Today, we are devoting this post to all our darling students and giving them our special herbal essentials for the 5 most common struggles they encounter.


Being a college student you are no stranger to anxiety. The horrific butterflies you get every time your teacher asks you to explain your work in front of your classmates are sometimes enough to make you lose your consciousness. We recommend you keep our Holy Basil Hydrosol in your bags and spray it on your face every time you feel stressed.  It's so refreshing. I spray it all day long on my skin and it helps me take a moment to just breathe and relax. 

You can also try our Motherwort Tincture or Holy Basil Tincture before going to college to keep your soaring excitatory neurotransmitters in check, especially before presentations.


Having a normal sleeping pattern sometimes feels like a luxury you can’t afford. With all those toxic thoughts making a terrible whirlpool in your mind, it is hard to catch even forty winks. 

I recommend going with Mugwort Tincture or Valerian Root Tincture, whichever you prefer. They ate mildly sedative so they should be taken an hour before bed to allow the relaxing chemicals to kick in and help you catch a restful night’s sleep. 

You can pair this regimen with Sleepy Time Salve and Lavender Room Spray. Just lightly massage the decadent slave onto your temples, behind your ears, and wrists, and wrap up the night by spritzing Lavender Room Spray around the room and onto your pillows. Plug off your lamps, power off your phones, and get ready to dive into the deep slumber you have been meaning to achieve. 


Opening your fridge with sunglasses in the morning is a true reminder of how hard you partied last night. Indeed, it was a joyous night but the following mornings became hard to endure. 

We have crafted Fire Tonic for you, and only to help you adjust your bearings and get your feelings. This evergreen blend is a perfect solution to your modern hangovers. It is also claimed to boost blood circulation which improves the functions of the immune system and digestive system. It can also be used as a marinade/dressing in case you cook while at school.

Sore Throat

Long karaoke nights, cheering for your fellows during championships, and stuff, you are bound to end up with a sore throat. We recommend going with our Sage Tincture mixed with lukewarm salty water as a gargle. This will surely give you the voice you need to ace those presentations and debate competitions.


Focus is the key factor to ace your classes and even your life.  I love recommending people around me Lion's Mane Tincture as a morning tincture to help wake up my brain as well as help me focus. It's a great one to put into your water bottle to sip on all day too, especially if she has a long day of back-to-back classes. It improves cognitive movements, dispels brain fog, and stimulates the release of nerve growth factor (NGF) and brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) to support the production of new cells and strengthen the existing ones.