Motherwort Tincture
Motherwort Tincture
Motherwort Tincture
Motherwort Tincture

Motherwort Tincture

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Mayernik Garden grown, motherwort has been used for heart conditions such as heart failure and irregular heartbeat.*

In addition to the benefits of heart health, motherwort has been used to assist in symptoms associated with anxiety.*


  • Mayernik Kitchen Motherwort
  • Grain Alcohol (50%)


Take full dropper orally in tea or water.*

About Motherwort

Every herb has a particular history which is peculiar and unique to it. Motherwort is not an exception. Motherwort, which has its botanical name as Leonurus cardiaca is a perennial herb that comes from the mint family, Lamiaceae. Leonurus is derived from two Greek words “Leon” which means “lion” and “ourus” which means “tail” because the plant was thought to resemble the tail of a lion. It is so called “cardiaca” or heart because it is used for heart conditions such as fast or irregular heartbeat. Because of its primary use of reducing anxiety in pregnant women and during childbirth, the ancient Greeks gave it the name motherwort or “mother’s herb”.

Motherwort herb has its roots in Asia most especially China and also in South Eastern Europe but because of its medicinal prowess, it can now be found all over the world. Before now, motherwort was not considered as an herb for heart conditions. In Europe, it was firstly known as a treatment for cattle diseases. Colonial masters brought it into North America and in the 19th century, the Eclectics recommended it as a menstruation enhancer (or regulator) and to calm nerves after childbirth.

Unlike some other herbs in the mint family, the motherwort herb has a very bitter taste and unpleasant smell. It contains essential oils, caffeic acid, flavonoids, tannins and vitamin A. It is also known as lionstail, heart-wort and agripaume in other parts of the word.

Motherwort Tincture Frequently Asked Questions

What is Motherwort Tincture?

Motherwort Tincture is the liquid which is extracted after mixing the motherwort herb and alcohol. The Motherwort Tincture has many health benefits and can work for uterus stimulation, irregular menstruation and reduction of irregular heart rate which is caused by anxiety and depression. It is also used for over-active thyroid, shingles and intestinal gas.

Is Motherwort Tincture Safe for Children?

It can be given to children above the age of two since it helps reduce anxiety and thus, can make them sleep easily and for long. Also, Motherwort contains vitamin A which is essential for normal vision and bone development. 

Is Motherwort Tincture Good for Stress/Anxiety?

The answer is yes. This is because anxiety causes high blood pressure and the Motherwort Tincture contains sedatives that can decrease muscle spasms and lower blood pressure.  It is good for anxiety associated with childbirth and after childbirth/postpartum depression and menopause. Studies have also revealed that Motherwort Tincture helps to decrease blood clotting, level of fat in the blood and slow irregular heartbeat caused by stress, anxiety or fear.

Is Motherwort Tincture Good for Menstrual Cramps/PMS?

Motherwort Tincture is essentially for women and as such good for relief of menstrual cramps. It helps to bring on a delayed menstrual flow especially when such person is tense. It provides relief for menstrual cramps when taken 5-10 drops at a time until the pain subsides. One important thing to note here is that although the Motherwort Tincture is good for pre menstrual syndrome and irregular menstruation, it should not be used for menstrual cramps when there is heavy bleeding. This is because it will increase the blood flow rather than suppress it and this can cause blood loss, thereby leading to dizziness and uterine bleeding.

Is Motherwort Tincture Safe to use During Pregnancy?

Motherwort Tincture should not in any case be used during pregnancy because the herb has side effects such as stomach pain and uterine bleeding and thus can lead to miscarriage. Therefore, it is not safe to be used during pregnancy. It should not also be used by lactating or breastfeeding mothers because due to the fact that the herb cannot be used for children under the age of two, it can indirectly affect them if taken from their mother’s breastfeeding.

Should I use Motherwort Tincture Everyday?

Adults can take motherwort tincture daily.