Lavender Room Spray
Lavender Room Spray
Lavender Room Spray
Lavender Room Spray

Lavender Room Spray

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Evoke the calming touch in your room by spritzing the soothing scent of legendary lavender. Lavender Room Spray with its clean, crispy floral notes is artisanally crafted with a powerful infusion of chemical-free, homegrown lavender flowers and organic lavender essential oil. It eradicates the odor and provides instant effect due to 100% natural lavender that adds a deep-rooted luxurious aromatherapeutic fragrance to benefit your troubled senses.
Spray it around you to tame the stressful effects of a long day or spritz it on your pillows and bedsheets to enjoy a long, deep slumber.





  • Homegrown Mayernik Garden Lavender 
  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil 
  • Water 


Spritz it on your pillows and bedsheets for a restful night’s sleep or around you to cope calmly with a stressful day.

About Lavender

Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) is a small herbaceous perennial that serves exquisitely both in culinary and medicinal disciplines. It includes grey-green leaves and long lilac or lavender-colored flowering shoots. The leaves can attain the pinnate shape or be simple measuring 1 to 2 inches. Its flower can be seen on shoots or spikes and can reach a height of about 1-3 feet.
Lavender is employed to cater to a lot of disorders such as insomnia, anxiety, restlessness, depression, acne, and so forth. It is also used to promote hair growth. Also, it fights fungal infections, normalizes blood pressure and heart rate, and deals with countless skin ailments. 


Lavender Room Spray Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lavender Room Spray?

Lavender Room Spray spreads a soothing gust, packed with the aromatherapeutic powers of lavender, to calm your senses and help you get a peaceful night’s sleep. You can also spritz this fine mist around you to cope with the stressful effects of a difficult day.


Is Lavender Room Spray Good for Children?

Lavender Room Spray is definitely safe for children to use. Historically, it has been used in cosmetics, medicines, and washing. Give your children a nice, well-scented environment with Lavender Room Spray to ease their stress and anxiety and award them with a restful night’s sleep. Also, with Lavender Room Spray in hand, the bugs and other insects would steer clear of your children’s room. 


Is Lavender Room Spray Good for Relaxation?

One thing Lavender is clamorously applauded for is its stress-relieving and anxiolytic properties. It has been used time and time again in clinical trials to evaluate its relaxing nature. Lavender Room Spray is the best replacement for sleeping pills. It reduces nervous tension by interfering with the fight and flight system of the body. It normalizes the heart rate, blood pressure, and other factors that play a major role in the exacerbation of anxiety.


Is Lavender Room Spray Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

Lavender is safe to use in any form during pregnancy.  It helps tame pregnancy-related anxiety, stress, mood swings, and insomnia. Instead of taking synthetic medications, try using Lavender Room Spray that adds a long-lasting effect to the environment without posing any side effects.


Can Lavender Room Spray Be Used Externally on Skin?

Lavender Room Spray has antiseptic and antifungal properties which are great for skin that is undergoing irritation, inflammation, allergies, psoriasis, eczema, and sunburns. You can also spray it on insect bites to control the inflammation and itchiness.


Should I Use Lavender Room Spray Everyday?

Lavender Room Spray opens the gates for a fresh, nicely-scented environment. Use it every day to enjoy the perks of lavender properties, repelling the entry of bugs, insects, and anxiety. 

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