Lavender Room Spray
Lavender Room Spray
Lavender Room Spray
Lavender Room Spray

Lavender Room Spray

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Our Lavender Room Spray is made with a strong infusion of homegrown lavender flowers and once the infusion cools, we add Organic Lavender Essential Oil. We use this spray on our pillows at night for a restful night’s sleep and also as a calming spritz throughout the day if in a stressful situation.


  • Homegrown Mayernik Garden Lavender 
  • Organic Lavender Essential Oil 
  • Water 


Spray on pillow for a restful night's sleep or around yourself/room for a calming effect during a stressful day. 

About Lavender

The 'Holy' Lavender is rooted in different parts of the world. This led to the controversy by people from different walks of life about the navigation of its history. It is believed that Lavender has been in existence for several thousands of years, and its background can be traced back to the Mediterranean, Middle East, India, and the Middle-Ages. The pioneer cultivators of Lavender can mostly be traced to India, Paris, Greek, Britain, and Romania. Lavender has been seen in archival research documents from the Middle Ages. Still on this, the Greeks are parts of the first tribes to research on Lavender and its qualities. However, the Romans learned about the benefits of Lavender from the Greeks.  Upon realization, they began to use Lavender flowers massively to improve the smell in dirty areas like public toilets and baths. They also later started using it on their bodies, clothing, and rooms.

Lavender got its name from the Latin word “Lavare," meaning "to wash." As a result of the controversies surrounding its history, the Greeks name it “Narda" and believed Lavender is a holy herb that should be used for spiritual purposes. The Romans increased their interests for Lavender and accelerated its cultivation for commercial purposes. This made the French and Britain easily exposed to its use and cultivation. Lavender became so popular within the 1400s and 1600s in England.

English Royalties adorn themselves with Lavender scents during the Victorian Era. The Queen was passionately in love with Lavender, and this act convinces most English ladies also to adorn their properties and belongings with Lavender. The medicinal value of Lavender was also known for its work during the Renaissance plague.

Lavender Room Spray Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lavender Room Spray?

The plant, Lavender, is a nature's bliss that is special, timeless, and classical. It is a plant that helps people manage certain health problems like anxiety, depression, insomnia, and aches. Lavender Room Spray can safely repels insects, bad odors, and possible germs inside the house. The fragrance from Lavender spray can help the household get quality sleep; manage anxiety, stress, and depression.

Is Lavender Room Spray Good for Children?

If we consider or look closely at the health benefits of Lavender, why should children not benefit? Since Lavender has been historically used for perfumes, washing, and medicine, It is perfect for children to use. One of the simple ways to make children lively and healthy is by providing for them a decent, nice, and well-scented environment. Lavender Room Spray has the potentials of easing children's anxieties and giving pleasing night rests. Also, spraying Lavender in the children's rooms will go a long way to ward off insects on their bags or clothing. Furthermore, using Lavender as body spray reduces the possibility of having skin irritations like eczema.

Is Lavender Room Spray Good for Relaxation?

Researches have lauded the stress relieving and calming qualities of Lavender. An alcohol fragrant found in Lavender makes it medicinally good for human relaxation. The number one essential thing the body needs after a long day at work or a stressful day is relaxation and good sleep to get the body ready for future activities. Lavender Room Spray is better for relaxation than sleeping tablets.  It helps the house to be more soothing for relaxation and sleep. Lavender's magical work is fully realized when sprayed in the air and on clothing, draperies, pillows, and furniture. Clothes with Lavender scents can help reduce office tensions and help to be relaxed in the face of office stress. With the ambiance of calmness and tranquility, the entire body and soul is relaxed.

Is Lavender Room Spray Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women are safe to use any form of Lavender.  As one of the most used natural therapies, Lavender is safe to use before, during, and after pregnancy. If the environment is relaxed, it brings relief to body aches and stress. So, Lavender spray can be used by pregnant women to help soothe and relax their environment. Expecting mothers may sometimes find it difficult to sleep. It would be a better option to spray Lavender than any other as this will aid bodies of expecting mothers relaxed and calmed for a wonderful sleep.

Can Lavender Room Spray Be Used Externally on Skin?

Lavenders in the form of body spray can greatly help the skin. The antiseptic and anti-fungal qualities of Lavender have made it a great aid for the skin. With Lavender Spray, the body may be greatly protected from skin reactions, irritation, or allergies, which may come from insects' bites, psoriasis, or eczema. Our Lavender Room Spray is great to use on a sun kissed body after a day at the beach or in the garden! 

Should I Use Lavender Room Spray Everyday?

A nice and scented environment is a healthy abode. It is, therefore, safe to use Lavender Room Spray every day. If Lavender Room Spray can help live healthily by creating a relaxing atmosphere and repelling many insects that cause germs, then it should be nicely embraced for everyday use.