Black Tourmaline Cyrstal

Black Tourmaline Cyrstal

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Black Tourmaline is often used as a shield against electromagnetic radiation and psychic attacks, promoting a sense of grounding and security.

Black Tourmaline offers several benefits, primarily serving as a powerful protective stone that helps absorb and transmute negative energies, providing a sense of energetic shielding and security. It is also known for promoting grounding, balance, and mental clarity, making it a popular choice for those seeking emotional and spiritual stability.

1-2" Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal


  • 1-2" Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal


To use Black Tourmaline, you can carry it as a protective talisman or wear it as jewelry to create a boundary between yourself and external negativity. Placing Black Tourmaline in your living or working space can help create an energetically protected environment.

Additionally, during meditation, holding the crystal or placing it near your root chakra can enhance feelings of stability and inner strength. Remember to cleanse the crystal regularly to maintain its protective properties.

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