Mayernik Kitchen’s Topical Salves

Mayernik Kitchen’s Topical Salves

By Shannon, Posted in MK Product

Salves are hailed as efficacious ointments, creams, or balms that are known for protecting the skin from damage by moisturizing it profusely. They have a semi-solid appearance and tend to stay thick because they include waxes in their preparation. The most commonly incorporated waxes are beeswax, candelilla, and carnauba which help bind the salves together, giving them an intact look.

Salves also possess oils, such as coconut oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, apricot oil, sweet almond oil, and olive oil. The choice of oil for salve determines the unique property to which it caters. 

Salves are not just for the moisturizing purpose. Mayernik Kitchen has come up with some magical recipes that address many common nuisances. Tag along to read all about our topical salves.

Pain Be Gone Salve

Pain Be Gone Salve is a magical blend of beeswax, organic clove essential oil, locally foraged birch infused organic olive oil, Mayernik Garden Nettle infused olive oil and wormwood infused olive oil. It helps with myalgia (muscular pain), arthralgia (joint pain), and arthritis pain.

It can be used if you are on the go. Just keep it in your bag and rub it on the area whenever you feel the pain closing in the distance. However, we recommend it to be applied after 4-6 hours for better results.

Sleepy Time Salve

Having trouble with sleep comes on a silver plate amidst whirling in a stressful life. But Sleepy Time Salve knows how to hush down the stupid stutters. It contains the goodness of Mayernik Garden’s Lavender flowers, locally foraged Mugwort infused organic olive oil, organic beeswax, and lavender essential oils.

All these ingredients synergize each other’s powers by inducing a calming effect. Rub it on your temples, neck, or hands before bedtime to pipe down the unneeded noises in the head and drift off to a deep slumber.

Sunshine Salve

Minor cuts, scrapes, and abrasions are part of everyone’s everyday life. Sunshine Salve has antibacterial properties that can ward off the colonization of bacteria in open cuts, burns, scrapes, and other skin conditions. It is a blend of organic olive oil infused calendula and comfrey, beeswax, and lavender essential oil that has powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial attributes.

Sunshine Salve also comes in handy for reducing muscular pain and arthritis. Rub it on the affected area to kick off the bacteria and pain.

Dandelion Salve

Dandelion flowers have been used for centuries to tend to the painful conditions. Our Dandelion salve is well-equipped with the strength of dandelion flowers and beeswax to treat the aches associated with sore muscle and rheumatic conditions.

It can also be used to rejuvenate dry skin and chapped lips to help you confront the odds of the future with utmost confidence.

Goldenrod Salve

Goldrenrod has amazing anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to treat burns, muscle pains, arthritis and skin conditions. Instead of reaching for the Neosporin to clear up a scrap or a burn, try some goldenrod salve.

We forage our goldenrod locally in the late summer/early autumn days once the dew has disappeared. The golden color of the flowers helps bring a rich hue to our salve. 

Now that you know what a salve is, choose your perfect match today and enjoy the perks of healed and smoothed skin.

Mayernik Kitchen Golden Rod Salve opened on a wood board