Dandelion Salve
Dandelion Salve
Dandelion Salve
Dandelion Salve

Dandelion Salve

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Give your troubled skin and overused muscles an intense moisturizing and soothing treatment with Dandelion Salve. It is particularly designed to target extremely chapped/dry skin patches and areas of the intense pain associated with soreness and arthritis. This rich and soothing formulation contains natural taraxasterol which helps reduce the inflammation associated with arthritic pain.

Dandelion Salve is a supremely decadent and extremely moisturizing formula that enhances skin firmness and elasticity.  It is a concentrated blend of locally foraged Dandelion flowers infused in organic olive, combined with organic beeswax.



  • Mayernik Garden Dandelion
  • Organic Olive Oil 
  • Organic Beeswax


Warm the salve between your clean, dry hands before application.

For dryness: Apply a thin layer to the area of extreme dryness.

For pain: Apply generously at the site of pain.

*For external use only.


About Dandelion

Dandelion is derived from the French word ‘dents-de-lion’, meaning the tooth of the lion. It earned this complex name due to its vibrant yellow flowers and serrated leaves that depict lion and teeth, respectively.

From root to fluff, dandelion is bagged with a plethora of medicinal benefits. It is popular for tending to arthritic conditions, liver malfunctions, and gastrointestinal disorders. It is also known to control diabetes, high cholesterol, urinary tract infections,  acne, eczema, and cancer proliferation. It serves as a nervine tonic and helps in toning down anxiety-related disorders.


Dandelion Salve Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dandelion Salve?

Dandelion Salve is made with locally foraged dandelion flowers infused in organic olive, combined with organic beeswax. It is specially designed to target extremely dry patches and pain associated with arthritis and soreness.


Is Dandelion Salve safe for children to use?

Dandelion Salve is safe for children to use on the skin. It reduces skin inflammation and irritation, all the while boosting collagen and hydration.


Is Dandelion Salve good for muscular pain?

Dandelion Salve is an efficient anti-inflammatory agent that reduces swelling that in turn attenuates pain in arthritic conditions. Warm the salve between your clean, dry hands and massage it into the skin for a couple of minutes. It eases the soreness in muscles, swelling, irritation, and stiffness. 


Is Dandelion Salve good for dryness?

Dandelion Salve is an intense moisturizing treatment to target areas of extreme dryness, leaving your skin smooth and soft. It soothes dry, itchy, and cracked skin, all the while working well as a lip balm for chapped lips too. 


Is Dandelion Salve safe to use during pregnancy?

There is not enough evidence in medicinal literature of Dandelion Salve either being safe or unsafe during pregnancy. Stay on the safe side and consult with your OB/GYN or herbalist-midwives.


Should I use Dandelion Salve every day?

Dandelion Salve can be used every day. Stop using the product as soon as you see any allergic reaction flaring up.


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