Ginger Tincture
Ginger Tincture
Ginger Tincture
Ginger Tincture

Ginger Tincture

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Locally sourced organically grown ginger from a farm in New York state. For hundreds of years, ginger has been praised for its ability to help aid digestion and toxin removal. Ginger tincture is also great for motion/morning sickness.*


  • Organic locally grown Ginger Root
  • Grain Alcohol (50%)


Take full dropper orally in tea/water.

About Ginger

Ginger is something we all know, and for many years it has been used for many complications. One of the widespread benefits of ginger is boosting digestive processes. The active ingredient in ginger is gingerol, and that is what gives it its spicy taste. But another thing it does apart from being spicy is that it relaxes the digestive muscles, which relieves some of the health challenges that come with this gastrointestinal upset.

Ginger has been cultivated in many of the tropical countries like India, Nigeria, and Haiti and is usually harvested when the stalk is withered. Since the early times of Asian culture, ginger has been known for its ability to warm the body from within, reducing complications in the digestive tract.

Ginger first originated from the Island Southeast Asia, and the most ancient evidence of its domestication is amongst the people of Austronesia where numerous species were cultivated. During the Austronesian expansion, around 5,000 BP, ginger was carried around in voyages as canoe plants long before civilization. Other Austronesian voyagers that carried ginger were the people from Comoros and Madagascar in the 1st millennium CE. From India over to the Middle East, traders in the 1st century were also moved by traders since it was primarily grown in the Great Sunda Islands and Southern India during the time of the spice trade alongside other spices like cloves and pepper.

Ginger Tincture Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ginger Tincture?

Tinctures are alcohol-based preparations, which are tradition always of taking herbal remedies. The herb of choice is immersed in alcohol for a specific period before pressing. Once it is done, all the medicinal benefits of the herb are captured into the tincture. In this case, the herb in question is ginger, so we can say: ginger tincture is steeping of ginger into alcohol, giving results that help to solve digestive complications.

Is Ginger Tincture Safe for Children?

The short version of the answer is Yes. However, this must not be given to children in large quantities. For some of the health benefits of ginger tincture, such as improved liver functions, reduced gas, and improved respiratory functions to be seen, it has to be taken in small quantities an anything other than that; it would lead to complications like digestive cramps and other issues related to digestion.

Is Ginger Tincture Good for Digestion?

The extract from the pungent root known as ginger can work digestive wonders. It can protect and heal the gut from previous complications. It can also improve the movement of food through the gastrointestinal tract, which reduces cramps and bloating. All of these mentioned complications are digestive complications, many of which are cleared with ginger tinctures. So, to answer the question, Yes, ginger tincture is good for digestion.

Is Ginger Tincture a Good Anti-Inflammatory?

The ginger tincture has high anti-inflammatory properties like other produces such as nuts, whole grains, and beans. It contains a compound known as phytonutrients that might reduce damages to the cells. When you ingest ginger tincture, it can reduce cell-signaling activities, which prevents inflammation, leaving your organs healthy.

Is Ginger Tincture Safe During Pregnancy?

One common trait for women to feel nauseous when pregnant is that this is something that can quickly be sorted out with Ginger tincture—as always, taking it is not the problem but the quantity taken. It is advised that women should take it scarcely, or consult a physician on the quantity that is best suited to each person. 

Should I take Ginger Tincture Everyday?

Yes. Ginger tincture can be taken daily but only in small quantities. Small quantities would help make sure that the ginger tincture's properties are felt rather than the negative ones. Most of the time, the complications from some of these things do not come as a result of daily use, but how much is to be used daily.