Boneset Tincture
Boneset Tincture
Boneset Tincture
Boneset Tincture

Boneset Tincture

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Our Homegrown Boneset helps relieve a cold/cough/flu/fever. It also helps fight a bacterial or viral infection. *

*Do not use for prolonged period of time. Excessive use could cause diarrhea and upset stomach. 


  • MK Homegrown Boneset 
  • Grain Alcohol (50%)


Take full dropper orally in tea/water.

About Boneset

The boneset plant has its history firmly rooted in North American origins. The Native Americans used it for colds and the flu. They were also used to treat malaria and the twigs used as seat producing agents. Mithridates VI Eupator, a king of Pontus used it as a medicine to treat his health as well as other superstitious means that the plant was associated with. The botanical name, which is perfoliatum, is derived from perfoliatus which implies that it is grown through leaves. 

The plant is most prominently grown in the U.S today; it became official in the USA from the year 1820 to 1945. The name boneset is also derived from break-bone fever, it is an illness that is similar to influenza and it causes severe bone pain that was treated with the boneset plant. Through the course of history, the plant has been referred to by various names such as feverwort, sweat plant, thoroughwort.

In 1918, after the discovery of two distinct complexes in boneset, The Lloyd Brothers introduced the Specific Medicine Eupatorium in 1918. This proved to be a breakthrough in the use of boneset tincture for medicinal purposes and the practice has been modified to modern times.

Boneset Tincture Frequently Asked Questions

What is Boneset Tincture?

Boneset tincture is a medicinal liquid that is derived from the boneset plant. This substance is peculiar for its extraction method. It is obtained by immersing the boneset plant in alcohol and leaving it for an elongated period of time before removing the liquid.

Is Boneset Tincture Safe for Children?

When using boneset for children, safety and precaution are advised. The body systems of children are not fully developed and so dosage is very much advised to be considered. Boneset can be used for children. Boneset tincture is not toxic and is not known to have any side effects that are harmful to adults or children alike.

Is Boneset Tincture Good for Colds & Flus?

Boneset tincture is an immune stimulant and diaphoretic that is commonly used for cases of flu and colds through that process and a good amount of evidence has shown its effectiveness. There are also other properties of boneset tincture that help clear mucus in the chest and promote respiration.

Is Boneset Tincture Safe to use During Pregnancy?

There is not enough research that backs the use of boneset tincture for pregnant women or its associated effects. 

Should I take Boneset Tincture Everyday?

No. It can cause an upset stomach if used in excess.