Shiso Tincture
Shiso Tincture
Shiso Tincture
Shiso Tincture

Shiso Tincture

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Shiso Tincture is a reviving extract made from chemical-free, farm-grown Mayernik Garden shiso plants. It is a rich source of apigenin, limonene, carotene, ascorbic acid, and caffeic acid, which incredibly work at preventing the onset of cold/flu, eases asthma and congestion, combats inflammatory conditions (especially arthritis), and assists the treatment of various skin conditions. It is packed with antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties, providing instant support to the immune system, respiratory system, and digestive system. Use it to promote your lost appetite, stimulate digestion, and treat stomach aches.



  • Mayernik Garden Shiso
  • Grain Alcohol (50%)


Take half to a full dropper of Shiso Tincture up to 3 times a day in water or tea.

About Shiso

Shiso (Perilla frutescens) is an annual/perennial Asian herb, frequently seen in Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Chinese cuisines. The red color of the leaves is the reason for shiso’s unique name, the beefsteak plant. The green form is celebrated a bit more profoundly because of its delectable flavor that is known to compliment various cuisines. The purple or blood-red shiso form is popular in making pickles where it is used to impart the violet hue.

The leaf extract of shiso is highly honored in the Traditional Chinese Medicine system (TCM) and is used to impart many medicinal properties like anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antitumor, anticancer, anti-allergic, anorexigenic, and so forth. It is brimmed with various nutrients, minerals, and vitamins like iron, calcium, and vitamin A, addressing it as a perfect medicinal herb to sit in your kitchen cabinet.

Shiso Tincture Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shiso Tincture?

Shiso Tincture is an oral herbal medicinal formulation used to support respiratory, digestive, and immune systems. It is bagged with antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties which incredibly work at preventing the onset of cold/flu, easing asthma and congestion, combating inflammatory conditions (especially arthritis), assisting the treatment of various skin conditions, stimulating digestion, treating loss of appetites, and reducing stomach aches. 


Is Shiso Tincture Good for Children?

There isn’t enough data available for the safe use of Shiso Tincture in children. Stay on the safe side and consult your child’s pediatrician before giving it to your child.


Will Shiso Tincture help Boost my Immunity?

Shiso Tincture magnificently modulates the immunity by rendering an inhibitory effect on the inflammatory mediators, including NO, ROS, iNOS, COX-2, and NF-κB). It increases the antioxidant enzyme activity to reduce the intercellular generation of reactive oxygen species. All these actions contribute to the support of healthy immune system functioning.


Is Shiso Tincture Good for Cold/Flu Symptoms?

Shiso Tincture is made from the leaves of shiso. And being a rich source of calcium and iron, it greatly helps in not only preventing the onset of cold and flu but also helps remove the symptoms they manifest, including cough, stuffy nose, heavy head. It also helps disperse the stagnant phlegm for its easy removal and eases congestion.


Is Shiso Tincture Safe During Pregnancy?

There is not enough evidence available for the safe use of Shiso Tincture during pregnancy. Stay on the safe side and avoid using it.


Should I use Shiso Tincture Everyday?

The dosing intervals and extent of administration of Shiso Tincture totally depend on the ailment being addressed, the user’s possible allergies, and other vital factors. Stay on the safe side and consult your doctor/pharmacist or herbal expert for proper guidance. 


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