Shiso Tincture
Shiso Tincture
Shiso Tincture
Shiso Tincture

Shiso Tincture

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Our homegrown Shiso helps prevent the onset of the cold and flu.  Shiso also promotes appetite/digestion as well as aid in allergy relief. 


  • Mayernik Kitchen Homegrown Shiso
  • Grain Alcohol (50%)


Take full dropper orally in tea or water.

About Shiso

Shisho Tincture (also known as Perilla Frutescens) has become popular and highly beneficial herb with origins that trace back to China as early as 500AD. Before its widespread use for medical and consumption purposes, shisho was used for lamp oil by crushing the seeds. When more effective alternatives for lamp oil were discovered, cultivation still continued. It had aromatic leaves that were used to produce scents, as well as used for consumption and medicine.

In latter years, it became a household ingredient in traditional Japanese foods. It was used for its scent, coloring and exotic flavor. Its original birthplace is ancient China (other reports include parts of India) but it became a commonplace plant in Japan in the eighth century. Due to its popularity and wide range of uses, it was moved into western terrains such as in the United States where it has been largely naturalized and is cultivated on a wide scale.

In Japan where they were most commonly consumed, they were used as garnish on raw fish dishes. They were also used to counter food poisoning and to provide exotic flavors. China and Japan were not the only regions where shisho was highly functional, other East Asian countries such as India, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Korea.  Over the years, other variants of Shisho such as egoma have been discovered in Europe and parts of Asia.

Shiso Tincture Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shiso Tincture?

Shisho tincture shisho leaves that are extracted with alcohol by infusing the plant for 6+ weeks. 

Is Shiso Tincture Good for Children?

At this time, we do not have any evidence that Shiso tincture is safe or unsafe for children. 

Will Shiso Tincture help Boost my Immunity?

While there might not be a sufficient pool of information to make concrete claims in regards to the relationship between shisho and the immune system, there are studies that point to the herb having properties of a suppressant. Tests have been carried out to test the anti-nephritic properties of properties of Perilla. The results have shown that it has the ability to modulate the immune system and suppress health complications such as nephropathy. Reports also show that shisho tincture can trigger interferon activity which improves the immune system.

Is Shiso Tincture Good for Cold/Flu Symptoms?

Shisho has been widely reported to yield positive results when used for countering colds and flus. It has anti-bacterial pain relieving properties that help with throat pains and sore throats. It also has anti-allergic properties that can prevent the consumer from contracting the flu through allergies. Shisho tinctures also contain a lot of luteolin, alpha-linelic acid, quercetin and rosmarinic acid. All these substances have proved to be helpful in improving the respiratory tract. Research has pointed to instances of shisho being used to improve lung capacity over a four-week period. It is also highly possible that shisho tincture contains chemicals that can be used for tackling swelling and inhibits the chemicals that enhance asthma.

Is Shiso Tincture Safe During Pregnancy?

There is not enough sufficient data regarding the use of shisho during pregnancy or for lactating mothers. A good amount of reports and feedback have shown that shisho is effective for oxidative stress, joint pain and inflammation.  But it is highly unadvisable to use the substance in pregnancy stages and there might be dangerous side effects that are not yet known of - please consult your doctor. 

Should I use Shiso Tincture Everyday?

As earlier mentioned, dosage of shisho tincture largely depends on the age, health, and other factors concerning the user. There can often be a misconception that natural products can be consumed in any dosage but that is not always the case. External use of Shisho tincture on the skin can cause irritation if not used appropriately. Internal overconsumption can also lead to complications. So it is important to note how these factors play out when considering a daily consumption of shisho tincture.