Cleavers Tincture
Cleavers Tincture
Cleavers Tincture
Cleavers Tincture

Cleavers Tincture

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Cleavers Tincture is a detoxifying herbal medicinal preparation that is prepared from chemical-free cleaver plants, macerated in grain alcohol (50%) for prolonged periods. Cleavers are picked when they are bright green and fresh, shade-dried to perfection to preserve their valuable phytochemical content, and tinctured to provide you with its best possible medicinal benefits.

Cleavers Tincture serves as a lymphatic tonic and helps to detoxify the body. It induces diuresis (urination) that further helps in purging harmful toxins from the body. It replenishes kidney functions by removing toxins and supports the treatment of urinary tract infections.



  • Locally Foraged Cleavers
  • Grain Alcohol (50%)


Take half to a full dropper of Cleavers Tincture up to 3 times a day in water or tea.


About Cleavers

Cleavers (Galium aparine) is a wild herbaceous perennial with straggling stems that branch out and attach to nearby objects with the aid of small hooked hairs. It has many common names due to its sticking behavior, including stickeljack, sticky grass, sticky weed, catchweed, sticky bob, grip grass, and whatnot.

This legendary botanical is used by folk medicine practitioners to treat ailments related to the urinary tract, kidney, and skin. It was formerly used by women as an oral contraceptive to avoid pregnancy and gonorrhea. Its diuretic property induces excessive urination to purge out the toxins from the body and reduce weight.

Cleavers Tincture Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cleavers Tincture?

Cleavers Tincture is a herbal medicinal preparation used to address ailments associated with skin, kidney, and urinary tract. It cleanses both bloodstream and lymphatic fluid, all the while purging toxins to help treat blood infections, autoimmune disorders (such as psoriasis), and obesity.


Is Cleavers Tincture safe for children to use?

Cleavers Tincture is safe for children to use. It can be consumed up to three times a day safely.  It’s sweet and nourishing that helps in the healthy growth of the child. 


Is Cleavers Tincture good for detoxification?

Cleavers Tincture is a lymphatic tonic that helps in detoxifying the body. It cleanses both bloodstream and lymphatic fluid and increases the urge to urinate to flush the harmful toxins out of the system.

Is Cleavers Tincture good for kidneys?

Cleavers Tincture is used in many herbal preparations and by itself to address kidney ailments, including kidney stones, bladder infections, fluid retention, and prostatitis.


Is Cleavers Tincture safe to use during pregnancy?

Cleavers Tincture should not be used during pregnancy. It was anciently used as an oral contraceptive, from which we can infer that it might induce uterine contractions and bleeding.


Should I use Cleavers Tincture every day?

The dosing and extent of administration of Cleavers Tincture depend on the ailment addressed and the user’s possible allergies. Consult your doctor/pharmacist to set proper dosing intervals and the extent of use.

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