Basil Tincture
Basil Tincture
Basil Tincture
Basil Tincture

Basil Tincture

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  • Basil
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Our homegrown Basil is so aromatic in this tincture, you will want to enjoy it daily. Basil is anti-inflammatory and also helps with digestive issues. Basil also helps stimulate the nervous system against stress and anxiety, just like it's cousin Holy Basil. This would also be a great addition to a signature cocktail.*


  • MK Homegrown Basil 
  • Grain Alcohol (50%)


Take full dropper orally in water/tea. 

You can also enjoy it as an addition to your favorite cocktail (or mocktail!) 

About Basil

The basil plant is said to have been in cultivation for 5,000 years. The plant is believed to have originated in India, but some reports say that the plant had actually originated from a region farther east from India in a time period as far back as 807 A.D. These reports state that the basil plant was grown in the Hunan region of Ancient China. After some time, the plant migrated to western regions where it was cultivated rapidly and is still being cultivated in modern times.

Through the course of history, the plant was believed to possess powers and was used as believed to give strength to its users. It was consumed during religious fasting and was used an antidote for religious fasting. In ancient Greece, the plant was used in mourning processes as the symbol of mourning. The ancient Egyptians also used the basil plant in embalming processes. Indians used the plant as a means of protection by planting it around their temples and in places of burials to protect the dead into the afterlife.

There were also several misconceptions associated with the plant. In medieval times, it was believed to be essential for cheering the spirit and serving as a tension reliever. In the same period, doctors also considered it poisonous. The plant was introduced to the western world in the 16th century when it was taken to Britain and then to North America in later years. It was naturalized in these regions and is grown widely in the Mediterranean region and in parts of America till today.

Basil Tincture Frequently Asked Questions

What is Basil Tincture?

Basil tincture is a liquid obtained by immersing the leaves or other parts of basil plant in alcohol and storing them over elongated periods that can reach anywhere over a month. When using roots and dried plant material, the concentration of the tincture is usually higher. But in the case of leaves, as much leaves as possible would be required in order to achieve the desired concentration and hence, the desired functionality.

Is Basil Tincture Safe for Children?

Basil tincture is not only safe for children, but it can also be highly beneficial. Basil tincture is known to have positive effects on children’s immune system. The tincture can also be used to fight bacteria that may develop in children’s mouth.

Is Basil Tincture Good for Digestion?

Basil tincture is commonly used for several matters relating to the digestive system.  They are helpful in loss of appetite, constipation, intestinal gas, diarrhea and a host of other complications. Basil tincture contains chemicals that deal with the bacteria and fungi cause digestive problems. While there is no substantial medical evidence towards the medical effect of basil tincture on digestive processes, there are several instances where it has yielded positive results.  

Is Basil Tincture Good for your Respiratory Sysetm?

Basil can be used to aid the respiratory system in the sense that it can ease inflammation in the nasal passages. Basil tinctures are also known to be helpful in eradicating radicals that cause oxidative stress. These radicals can be as a result of metabolism, dietary choices, or smoking. Lastly, they can absorb anti-oxidants that the body produces.

Is Basil Tincture Safe to Use During Pregnancy?

Basil has been reported to be safe in pregnant women when consumed in food amounts, but they can be possible unsafe if they are consumed in medicinal amounts. 

Should I use Basil Tincture Everyday?

There is no standard dosage of basil tincture or schedule of consumption. Whether or not it is consumed on a daily basis depends on a variety of factors that include the age of the user, possible allergies of the user, and the ailment that is being aimed at addressing.