Where can I learn more about preserving medicinal plants and seed saving?

Where can I learn more about preserving medicinal plants and seed saving?

By Shannon, Posted in Wellness

Nature holds in itself an extraordinary intelligence that encompasses complete knowledge of what everything within its circle requires to flourish. The primordial consciousness of nature is not a fantasy; it actually exists, the same as that of humans, animals, and other living beings. 

The primal instinct to be a part of the green wave is undoubtedly not a coincidence. No matter how surprising it may seem, you were chosen to serve nature and get benefit from it in return. 

We at Mayernik Kitchen are on a mission! We aim to drive as much traffic as possible to their gardens to build a green-laced lifestyle.

We have an online community program, designed specifically for plant lovers, to help people thrive within nature's circle. The Mayernik Kitchen Table invites newbies, herbalists, farmers, gardeners, homesteaders, and all sorts of plant enthusiasts to join the community and learn with like-minded people.

The Mayernik Kitchen Table is meticulously curated with all ages in mind where people can learn about:

  • Growing plants including vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, medicinal plants, and more with modern yet easy techniques. Learn the art of seed-saving and preserving medicinal plants to enjoy their perks year-round.
  • Herbal preparations including tinctures, syrups, infused oils, hydrosols, infused honey, vinegar, decoctions, teas, salves, and much more.
  • Fermentation different methods of brewing plants to simplify the procedure.
  • Integrated Living learn how to integrate plants into your routine for a healthier future.

And that is not the end of the story! The Table extends its deepest gratitude to its members by proffering:

ONE Live per Month

Enjoy a monthly LIVE Q&A session with Matt and Shannon to get all your questions answered. 

onDemand Courses

Get access to all our onDEMAND COURSES with new courses designed and uploaded every other month just for you.


Become a part of our community by joining ‘The Table’ and sharing, posting, and connecting with our lively members.

We intend to revive and reclaim the sense of connectedness to mother nature that globally existed in medieval cultures. Let’s return to our source and rebuild the bridge between nature and humans. Come JOIN us at The Table and give yourself a well-deserved gift of wellness and sustainability while enjoying video lessons, live events, conversations, and Q&A sessions.