Top 5 Herbs for Digestion

Top 5 Herbs for Digestion

By Shannon, Posted in Herbal Remedies

Well-established digestion is vital for your overall health. It is essential to look after your digestive tract because a lot is happening there. The digestive system makes the provision of energy to every cell of the body possible.

The proper functioning of the gut helps to achieve appropriate metabolism, absorption, and elimination of waste. Oftentimes, digestive troubles not only interfere with the quality of life but also affect our mood, mind, and energy. To push past the days of bloating, constipation, and flatulence, let’s dive into the realm of the 5 most powerful herbs that are made to cater to your digestive system.

USing Basil For Digestion

Basil is famous for potentiating optimal digestion. It works by grabbing the root causes that hinder proper digestion. It helps in restoring the optimum pH level of the body that in turn promotes healthy digestion and immune functioning.

The leaves of basil are rich in eugenol that imparts anti-inflammatory effect. Also, it is known as the food of the microflora (bacteria) of the gut. They feed upon basil to perform balanced immunological and digestive functions.

USing Dandelion For Digestion

Dandelion roots have been used for centuries to soothe digestive tract ailments. Its tea helps with mild digestive problems, such as bloating, poor appetite, flatulence, and constipation.

The roots trigger the liver to release more bile that concomitantly helps relieve constipation. Moreover, this bitter tonic is brimmed with gut-friendly fiber and it up-regulates the game of probiotics by normalizing the growth of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

Using Ginger For Digestion

Since ancient times, ginger is used as a spice and medicine. It is famed for treating nausea, morning sickness, and stomachache.

During digestion, it breaks apart the gas build-up and expels it to alleviate discomfort. It also facilitates gastric motility, trypsin, and pancreatic lipase secretion which help with constipation and robust digestion.

Using Peppermint For Digestion

Peppermint answers all the digestive woes effortlessly. This minty treat helps with indigestion, flatulence, heartburn, and GERD. Peppermint leaves tea and oil are well-known for treating such matters.

The main phytoconstituent that responds to gastrointestinal disturbances is menthol. It increases the flow of bile from the liver towards the duodenum that aids in relieving constipation. Also, the anti-spasmodic property of menthol is fruitful for curing intestinal spasms and stomachache.

Using Lemongrass For Digestion

Lemongrass is an herb with magnificent cooling energy. It keeps the colonization of harmful bacteria and yeast buildup at bay. A majestic cup of hot lemongrass tea can relax an upset stomach, stomach and intestinal cramps, diarrhea, heartburn, constipation, GERD, bloating, and vomiting.

Citral, one of the major phytoconstituents, facilitates proper digestion and removes toxins to relieve fluid retention.

Slipping these super digestive herbs can pose a positive impact on your digestion. Besides, be very vigilant about what’s on your plate as it decides the fate of your insides. Eat healthily and use these herbs to feel fresh and energetic.

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