Mayernik Kitchen Top 3 Lavender Products

Mayernik Kitchen Top 3 Lavender Products

By Shannon, Posted in MK Product


Lavender is one of the most versatile herbs that offers plenty of medicinal perks. This singular purple bloom has garnered the limelight it deserves due to its massive usage over the centuries. It was a supreme agent in the mummification process during ancient Egyptian times. From being an essential component of first aid kits to a household cleaning agent in the Victorian era, Lavender has enjoyed the prestige it deserved and still sits on the top of the throne.

We, for the love of lavender, have come up with herbal preparations that will surely make you fall more in love with this crisp floral. Without any further ado, let us take you on a brief tour of our lavender-containing products.

Sleepy Time Salve 

Our Sleepy Time Salve is a one-stop shop for all our sleep-deprived fellows. It is instilled with the richness of lavender essential oil and lavender flowers that regulate the synergy and cleanse the clogged channels to make way for the inhibitory neurotransmitters to do their job. It helps in dialing down the excitement to help you feel relaxed and make you fall asleep. 

Its decadent texture and highly-prized ingredients promise you a splendid sleeping experience.

Lavender Room Spray

Give your surroundings a spritz of calm with our Lavender Room Spray. It encompasses the natural, chemical-free, home-grown Mayernik Garden Lavender with its essential oil to make you feel relaxed and calm your erratic nerves. It can be a great substitute for sleeping pills. It remarkably reduces blood pressure by normalizing the heart rate and interferes with the fight-and-flight system to reduce nervous tension. Just spray it around yourself and your bedsheets and pillows to experience the best sleep.

Lavender Green Tea Foot Bath

Everyone deserves a relaxing atmosphere after a long, tiring day. Lavender Green Tea Foot Bath is all equipped to give a spa-worthy relaxing treatment due to its magnificent formula. Add 2 tbsp of it to a big bowl of warm water, stir until dissolved, and soak your feet in this heavenly blend to refresh your senses and purge the harmful toxins from your body. This salt blend contains the goodness of organic lavender flowers, green tea leaves, Epsom salt, and lavender essential oil that not just makes your feet happy but relaxes your mind too.