How to Have a Healthier Relationship with White Pine

How to Have a Healthier Relationship with White Pine

Winter is coming. 

October has extinguished itself with winds and rains and November has arrived. The snow is all set to kiss the fields and trees, oh so gently, covering them up in a white quilt. Soon you’ll find hard frosts and icy drafts, biting eagerly at your exposed skin. 

But only after winters you can enjoy the pleasantries of spring; prosperity wouldn’t be so charming without some taste of adversity. However, there is one premium bounty that stays wide awake to keep you company. As we move into the winter months in New Jersey, one tree that will live throughout the winter months is white pine. 

Today, I have decided to walk you through the perks of white pine you can enjoy during the frost and strengthen your relationship with this nature’s finest blessing.

What is White Pine?

White Pine is not your usual herb. Steeped in rich history and brimmed with folklores, it is considered the largest pine tree in the US. Its nutritional value is of immense medicinal importance. For ages, it is used as a natural remedy for taming cough, chest congestion, laryngitis, bronchitis, and various other respiratory tract infections. 

Topically, you can use it to repair your damaged skin, tackle joint inflammation due to arthritis, and reduce wrinkles by boosting collagen and skin elasticity. 

White Pine Needle Tea

Have you tried White Pine Needle Tea? 

I bet you won’t give it up once the flavor of fresh Christmas kisses your taste buds and the heavenly scent of a pine forest hits your nostrils. The tea is high in vitamin C and a perfect thing to forage in the winter when most plants are frosted or snow-covered. 

A human body is not capable of synthesizing Vitamin C on its own and needs to obtain it from external sources. Where else you can find the finest quality Vitamin C when you have white pine needless at your service? With white pine needle tea, you have the liberty to reinforce your immunity, alleviate cold symptoms, repair tissue damage, heal scurvy, and stabilize the functioning of the nervous system. 

Cooking with White Pine Needles

With White Pine Needles in hand, the field to work in is vast and carefree!

Next time you make rice, instead of using water, try white pine-infused water. The angelic fragrance would make you go head over heels for the mere rice, compelling you to forget your loneliness.

You can add the divine forest smell to almost anything with pine needles. Steep in milk or cream to make puff pastries or other pleasantries to enjoy that deep, dark, and lovely taste. Or you could go a brighter route and add it to your juices, tarts, or even sugar syrups to liven up your cakes and cocktails.

Where to buy white pine tincture?

Mayernik Kitchen offers white pine tincture for sale online and in our store in Pompton Plains New Jersey.