Comparing the effectiveness of chamomile and valerian for sleep and anxiety

Comparing the effectiveness of chamomile and valerian for sleep and anxiety

By Shannon, Posted in Herbal Remedies

Holding a deep breath, I closed my eyes and let out a sigh of relief as the pillow nuzzled my neck lightly. It was a long day and I knew I’d soon be snoring my tiredness off. But to my surprise, the ticking of the clock kept me awake till 1 in the morning. After another good hour of tossing, turning, planning, and scheduling, I was standing in my kitchen and holding on to the cold knob of my favorite cabinet. 

It was a moment of pure ecstasy when I saw my chamomile and valerian root powder jars perched side by side, happily staring at me. Drumming my fingers on the slab, I contemplated what to choose. And that is when my feet took me to my workspace and I knew what I was going to talk about in my next blog.

Today, we are comparing the effectiveness of chamomile and valerian for sleep and anxiety. They both are known for their powerful stress-relieving effect that helps soothe the senses into a restful night’s sleep. 


Chamomile is a light comforting remedy that has earned massive respect due to its soft nature and soothing medicinal benefits. It possesses remarkable calming agents that work wonders for inducing sleep. It contains apigenin, a flavonoid, that has mild sedative properties. 

There is a theory that apigenin binds with the benzodiazepine receptors in the brain to impart anticonvulsant and CNS depressing effects. Chamomile is famous as a bed-before tea but I recommend making it an evening tea. This way its mild tranquilizing action comes into full swing by the time you reach your bed.

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Valerian Root 

Valerian root is yet another notorious sleep-inducing herb that has healed several centuries. It is stronger than chamomile when it comes to inducing a sleepy state. It contains valerenic acid and iridoid glycosides that give this root the sedative label. 

Multiple studies suggest that its active ingredients bind with the ꞵ-subunits of the GABA receptors and encourage benzodiazepine-like action. It is a perfect alternative to other prescription medicines because it is safe and doesn’t invite a hangover over the next morning. 

It can be used as a bed-before tea due to its comparatively quick onset of action. 

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**To conclude, both Chamomile and Valerian are powerful sleep aids. The chamomile invites sleep by causing general relaxation of the tensed nerves and muscles, whereas valerian promotes drowsiness that makes you want to hit the sack and enjoy a deep slumber. They both are safe and can be used together, making sure the amount of valerian used is lesser than the chamomile.