What is a hydrosol?

What is a hydrosol?

By Shannon, Posted in MK Product

Hydrosols, also known as hydrolats and floral water, are the pure water produced by distilling the fresh plant parts, such as fruits, flowers, leaves, stems, and so forth. These aromatic spritzes offer their own vanity of therapeutic uses. As compared to the essential oils, the hydrosol counterparts possess soft and subtle fragrances.

The mild nature of hydrosols makes it friendly for all ages and even for pets too. They work as a facial toner, air freshener, in aromatherapy, skin regime, and perfume recipes.

There are multiple benefits of slipping hydrosol into your daily routine. Depending on the types of plant, hydrosols can be hydrating, nourishing, moisturizing, toning, and soothing. They restore the water content of your skin that might have dissipated at the hands of aging and pollution. They soothe the inflamed skin, regenerate the cells, and balance the sebum production.

Our hydrosols are the product of fresh plant material, intended for skin, and contain about 2% essential oil.

We have carefully hand-selected the plant materials to produce a fine range of hydrosols that follow the strict purity standards. Let’s have a round-up of what our hydrosol treasure has for your skin.

Holy basil Hydrosol

Holy basil hydrosol is a perfect remedy for dry skin, insomnia, anxiety, and poor immunity. The light spicy fragrance balances the working of the autonomic system and fervently induces calm amidst the upticks in stress.

It can be used as a face mist, body mist, or in face masks to tend to your dry skin and stimulate the sluggish senses.

Rose Geranium Hydrosol

With ‘rose’ in the name, the subtle soft fragrance is bound to remind us of beauty, love, joy, and purity. Rose Geranium Hydrosol is a perfect remedy for dry and inflamed skin. Its spritzes on your skin can soothe the inflammation, hydrate the dry patches, and refresh your senses.

 It can also be used as a makeup remover and toner to balance the pH of the skin.

Our hydrosols are intended for the skin only. They can also be sprayed around and used in an ultrasonic diffuser, with or without essential oils, for long-lasting effects.

Mugwort & Sage Smudge Spray

Mugwort Sage Smudge Spray is a marriage made in heaven of Mugwort hydrosol and sage hydrosol. This thorough mix addresses anxiety and depression hand in hand. Spraying it around you (at home or workplace) can streamline the flow of positive energy and good vibrations.

It induces vivid dreams and is used to seek protection against evil entities.

Where to buy hydrosols?

Mayernik Kitchen offers Hydrosols water distilled from fresh plant material harvested on our herb farm in Sussex County.  We offer Herbal Hydrosols for sale online and in our store in Pompton Plains, New Jersey.

mugwort and sage hydrosol smudge spray