What are the benefits of Milky Oat Tops?

What are the benefits of Milky Oat Tops?

By Shannon, Posted in Wellness


It is atrocious how we have subjected our lives to cerebrally confined places. It's like forgetting what a deep fresh breath or crisp morning air feels like. Well, your brain does feel it, even if your body doesn’t acknowledge it! Once in a while, our brain direly needs to awaken itself and rejuvenate, or else this stillness can slowly transform into a numbingly painful phenomenon that can dampen our motivation, harden our judgment, and bring fogginess.

There is an herb that wise usually depend on for foggy days to support the brain, nurture the nerves, and encourage cerebral activities. Milky Oat tops are just the right choice, simply offering both medicinal and nutritional benefits.

The comforting smell of a simmering bowl of oats instantly seeps the waves of calm and comfort through our system. What a warm oatmeal bowl does to us is exactly the same as what milky oat tops do to our nervous system. Those who are new to the concept of milky oats might be thinking about what novel invention they are. 

Milky Oat Tops are immature seed pods that appear during the milky stage, usually in spring. When squeezed open, a distinct milky juice oozes out, rich in calcium, iron, manganese, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, soluble fibers (beta-glucans), and copious vitamins. 

It shines extraordinarily as a nervine tonic due to its deeply nourishing, nutritive, and tonic actions. Today, we are diving into an energetic realm of sweet milky oat tops to discover their benefits.

Nerve Tonic

Milky Oat Tops nourish the nerves deeply and tonify them to maintain the integrity of the nervous system. It acts as a trophorestorative to rejuvenate the function of the nervous system. When taken regularly for a longer time, its tea or tincture helps impart a sense of peace and provides comfort to tackle distress, tension, and anxiousness. Use it for at least 4 to 6 weeks straight to freshen up the body channels with replenished energy.

Soothe Skin Irritation

A herbal-infused bath with some heavenly scented candles is a perfect recipe to rejuvenate your system and nourish the skin from a deep core level. Simply add some Milky Oats Tops to a bath-sized tea bag and toss it into your bathtub. Soak, relax, and let the magic of this divine herb soothe your irritated skin, alleviate itchiness, and calm your agitated nerves. 

It is gentle on the skin and soothing for the mind, and even more nourishing for your little one too. 

Aphrodisiac (Love potion)

Milky Oat Tops is a treat for individuals with debilitated nervous exhaustion that is interfering with their sexual drive. It rectifies the energy levels and replenishes the endocrine channels to support a healthy reproductive hormone balance. Use Milky Oats Tincture at least three times a day to bring back the vigor and make your evenings passion-filled.