Using Herbs to Deal with Trauma

Using Herbs to Deal with Trauma

By Shannon, Posted in Herbal Remedies

Trauma is associated with a myriad of names and over the years it has gained the titles of melancholia, shell shock, battle fatigue, railway spine, soldier’s heart, nostalgia, combat stress reaction, and many more. All these terms have now been amalgamated by the science folks to name it post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Patients with PTSD are being treated by doctors with a limited success rate with numerous side effects walking hand in hand. Trauma is usually an emotional retaliation towards painful events, such as natural disasters, accidents, domestic violence, or abuse.

In search of gentle options that render little or close to no side effects, we have finally found our comfort in the arms of flower essences. They have proven to be the safest chance for diving back into the ambiance of carefree gold days. Our options for natural, clean, and safe flower essences have grown to an all-time high. As our interest in natural remedies for self-care has piqued, so has the cathartic power of nurturing mental health care. 

We have rounded up the 3 most stellar flower essences that aid in being the happiest and healthiest human we can be.

Echinacea Flower Essence

Echinacea Flower Essence addresses the poor immune functioning or autoimmune disorders by stirring the realm of ‘I’ forces that lie within the body-soul matrix. It works by nullifying the effect of traumatic aspects of modern society including environmental toxins, pharmaceutical products, post-traumatic stress, stereotypical use of antibiotics and vaccines, and a wide range of disruptive technologies. 

Indulge with an all-star Echinacea Flower Essence to let go of the traumatic images of the past that are intent on crushing our immune system and paves the road to a healthy life in the long run. It is a perfect choice for the ones who are eager to let go of the painful past that has stagnated the vitality, all the while building up the core integrity and immunity. 

Yarrow Flower Essence

Yarrow grows almost all around the world, spreading its stellar medicinal benefits wherever it can reach. It protects us sufficiently against negative energies and vibrations by creating and maintaining healthy boundaries. 

Yarrow Flower Essence works incredibly during an upset phase that might be the product of trauma or an encounter with someone who releases negativity, anger, or depression. Its regular usage repulses despair, negativity, gloom, and harmful emotions. It is immensely fruitful for people who confront such situations on a regular basis, including holistic health practitioners and psychotherapists. 

Lilac Flower Essence

Lilac is well adapted to suppressing the distressing memories that are especially marked by trauma and abuse. It carries out neurological regeneration by vitalizing the memory forces to connect the soul with joy and meaningful life. It does not just help in cultivating pleasing and encouraging memories but also helps us to equate it with the artistry of joy in life.

Slip some Lilac Flower Essence into your gloomy routine to restore the brightness of laughter and ease over the past brimmed with painful memories. . It helps with depression, melancholy, and fatigue, all the while boosting the impulses for self-connectedness.