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Top 5 Winter Activities - Mayernik Kitchen Style

Top 5 Winter Activities - Mayernik Kitchen Style

By Shannon, Posted in Wellness

Have you ever found yourself feeling down and out during the winter time?  It makes sense: the weather is colder, there are less hours of daylight, less sunshine, and people just seem moodier.  Don’t fret, though, because there are many activities you can still do in order to avoid the seasonal depression that winter brings along with it.  Most people find themselves staying indoors more often in the winter because of the cold and dreary weather, but there is still so much that the great outdoors has to offer.  Here are our Mayernik Top 5 Winter Activities (in no particular order) to help you get out and about during this time.

1.  Ice Skating – This is one of our all-time favorite things.  It requires no spending money (seriously, go find a frozen pond, bring some hot chocolate, and skate your cares away!), and is fun for the whole family.  When you’re feeling cooped up, it is not only great exercise, but it helps burn off some of that excess energy that might otherwise be spent slowly slipping away in front of the television. 

2. Snowshoeing – Though we did this up at High Point State Park, it really can be done anywhere – even in your own backyards.  It is an excellent form of exercise, and so much fun that you’ll hardly realize you might be getting a bit chilly. When a friend of ours, an elementary phys ed teacher nearby, told us that he brings his students outdoors to snowshoe in the winter, we knew we needed to include it on our list. (YES, that is me....about 5-6 years ago with my good friend Sylvia!) 




3. Cross Country Skiing – If you find yourselves looking for the ultimate full-body workout, look no further.  With the minimal aid of hills, you are propelling yourself forward solely through the use of your own strength, striding and pushing, to get wherever you want to go.  Similar to snow shoeing, though a bit faster moving, you’ll get to take in the scenery and are sure to forget your winter blues.  Check out for a great local spot.

4. Foraging Rosehips – Not super into the physical activity aspect of winter?  No problem.  Bundle up and go for a good, old-fashioned walk.  Bring your spouse, bundle up your kids, or head out on your own to stroll through some local rosehip hot spots. We made this amazing tea with foraged Rosehips. 




5. Playing in the Snow – We know, we know.  You think you’re too old for this kind of fun.  But we promise you: you’re not.  We don’t have our own kids, but that doesn’t stop us from building an awesome snow man or hitting up some local hills for some sleigh riding.  Aside from the great exercise, it sure does make you feel young again.  There is nothing better than seeing a beautiful snowman (or snow lady!) in our yard followed by some delicious homemade hot chocolate.

Though we aren’t going to tell you to go camping or to the beach during the winter, we are definitely going to promote heading outdoors.  Don’t let the colder air fool you.  There is still fun to be had.  However, for those of you who are daring enough to hit up the beaches during this time of year, check out the Polar Bear Plunge and take a dip for a good cause.  Don’t forget to send us some pictures of your winter adventures!