Top 5 Benefits of Local, Raw Honey

Top 5 Benefits of Local, Raw Honey

By Shannon, Posted in Wellness

Now that sugar has been proven to cause addiction and malignant diseases, people are swiveling back to honey to satiate their sweet tooth. This healthy swap compels them to buy whatever the honey aisle is offering and they unintentionally stock their cabinets with an even more refined form of sugar. It is Raw Honey that is only worthy of sitting in your cabinets and make it to your mouth.

Raw honey is an unpasteurized, unprocessed, and unheated pure honey produced by the bees. It is blessed by a rich history, lavish traditions of apiculture, and massive landscapes of wildflowers that are impeccable for pollinators. It comes straight from the beehive and gets bottled up after filtration to remove impurities.

With this buzzy raw honey popping almost in every recipe, let’s find out the true benefits of true honey.

Raw Honey for Skincare

The anecdotal sagas of raw honey for skincare have now been proved. Having antibacterial and antifungal properties, raw honey fights against skin infections. The anti-inflammatory quality of raw honey makes it worthwhile for treating acne-prone skin and psoriatic conditions.

Raw honey also helps combat the signs of aging. It scavenges the free radicals and makes the skin dewy and supple. Some studies also proclaim that raw honey has anti-cancer and anti-proliferative effects. It delays the growth of cancerous cells and can be good adjunctive therapy.

Wound Healer 

Raw honey is powerful demulcent and is tailor-made to cater to wounds. It forms a protective film over the wounds and acts as an efficacious germ killer. Its antibacterial property keeps bacterial colonization at bay and reduces the chances of infection.

In severe cases, it is also seen that raw honey promotes the regeneration of new healthy cells to support the development of tissues.

Powerful Antioxidant 

Raw honey is a storehouse of myriads of antioxidants that protect our body against the damage brought about by free radicals.

These free radicles are responsible for wreaking havoc in our bodies and paves way for the establishment of lethal diseases, such as heart diseases and cancer. The polyphenols found in raw honey are excellent for guarding us against these free radicles and prevent the onset of such dreadful diseases.

Rich in Phytonutrients

Raw honey is rich in biologically active phytonutrients that pose powerful antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidative activities. The commercially regular honey does not have any of these properties because they are devoid of such phytonutrients. The heavy processing and refining techniques destroy these fruitful phytonutrients. 

Immune Boosting

A spoonful of raw honey during the season of cough and sniffs is good for keeping you safe from viral infections. Add it to your cup of hot lemon tea to beat sore throat and the common cold. It also functions remarkably to suppress the cough.

Now that you have understood the benefits of raw honey, buy your honey wisely while checking the aisles! It isn’t difficult to find raw honey. It is easily available at local markets, supermarkets, and farmer’s markets. 

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