Summertime Peach Flatbread

Summertime Peach Flatbread

By Shannon, Posted in Food Photography

Peaches…they are all over the farmers market’s these day’s here in New Jersey! And boy are they fun to cook with! Most think peaches should be in a pie or used as a dessert, but this flatbread made an amazing dinner for two here in our home.

As part of the food photography group I am in, Grey Salt Collective, our prompt was this Arugula, Roasted Peach and Goat Cheese Flatbread. It had all the elements in it; homemade flatbread, fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables, creamy goat cheese along with a drizzle of our Homegrown Honey!

If you'd like to follow along with this prompt, and all the others, be sure to check out #gscpeachflatbread & #greysaltcollective. 

Cooking and baking with seasonal food is a top priority for Matt and I. We get to know the farmers at our local farmers market and grow as much as we can in our own backyard. When you grow and shop seasonally, it makes it that much easier to preserve the summer bounty for the colder months.

I have a few pounds in peaches in my fridge right now from Caradonna Farms in Marlboro, New York, just 53 miles from our home, which is nice and local to us. What shall I make? Leave some suggestions in the comments below!

Here are just a few images I snapped of the Arugula, Roasted Peach and Goat Cheese Flatbread!