Smoking Mullein Leaf for Lung Support

Smoking Mullein Leaf for Lung Support

The lazy game of cancer catch, aka smoking tobacco or cannabis, has been whirring around for what feels like forever. The concept is not new. For centuries, people have been practicing poisoning themselves, dragging on it as if it is a respirator in some oxygen less world. But this negative stigma has overshadowed the other plants that can be used for smoking. 

Well, it is not as safe as drinking water but low to moderate smoking of certain medicinal plants is definitely not as detrimental as over-aggressively smoking tobacco marijuana.

In this post today, we will walk around an alternative we have come up with that can be infrequently used to satiate your smoking thirst and benefit your lungs.


Mullein is a handsome plant, easily spotted from miles due to its distinctive tall flowering stalk with a golden yellow flower head. Around 2000 years ago, Dioscorides had documented it as a lung-friendly entity. It was used to treat pulmonary and respiratory tract ailments. Today, with researchers digging far and deep in herbalism, mullein has been found to aide in diarrhea, migraine, inflammatory conditions, tuberculosis, cough, gastrointestinal bleeding, colic, earache, bronchitis, pneumonia, gout, joint pain, and so forth.

Smoking Mullein

Smoking mullein is definitely legal. There are quite a few plants that may be safely lit up in pipe or rolling papers, and mullein is one of them. It won’t get you high because it is non-hallucinogenic and non-addictive.

Its burning leaves evolve a light smoke, almost as thin as air. It is gentle on your lungs, relaxing and calming those agitated respiratory muscles. It opens up the constricted airways to ease asthmatic conditions and serves as an expectorant to mobilize that tough stagnant mucus to barge out, offering you to breathe contentedly. 

Apart from being an exceptional respiratory tonic, excessive use of anything brings about a bad influence. Doing things in moderation is the key to a balanced life. And same goes for smoking mullein. 

Do not go over the board while taking mullein for granted. As there is a lack of complete safety investigation of mullein, we recommend pausing for little breaks with mullein smoking as its long-term use, if not toxic, can certainly induce some tolerance. It is also stated that pregnant and nursing women or liver and kidney compromised patients should also steer clear of smoking mullein.