Review of Healthy Living Guild - Snacks - Mayernik Kitchen

Review of Healthy Living Guild - Snacks - Mayernik Kitchen

By Shannon, Posted in Food Review

If you need some quick snack ideas, the Healthy Living Guild | Snacks will be perfect for you.

I had the privilege of reviewing the guild before the re-launch of Emily Beatty's new website. The website is so clean and cheerful! The photo's on the site are beautiful and really pop when browsing all the wonderful info Emily has to offer.

Emily and I were part of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition Fall 2015 Class and I am loving how the connections I've made from the course are carrying over into the new year. So many ladies I met are super talented and I love that I am able to share their work with all of you.

I made the Roasted Chickpeas in the recipe guild, but silly me forgot to snap some pictures. The chickpeas were so tasty (and super easy to make) and provided me with a great snack to take on a little road trip I took this week. I hope to make the Almond Butter Oat Bars this weekend so I know I'll have a healthy snack to enjoy throughout the week.

As a special gift from Emily and I, please use the discount code "Healthy4RealLife" to receive 50% off your purchase of the Healthy Living Guild | Snacks. You won't be disappointed!

Wishing Emily the best of luck with her new site and products and I can't wait to see the new products she'll be offering in the future! 

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