Relaxing Homemade Lavender Spray - Mayernik Kitchen

Relaxing Homemade Lavender Spray - Mayernik Kitchen

By Shannon, Posted in MK Product

One of our first products created in the Mayernik Kitchen was a room spray.  It was fall, the spray held a woodsy, autumn scent, and we received rave reviews.  Since our room spray was such a hit, we decided to reinvent the wheel and change the scent.  In June’s Out of the Woods Apothecary Box, we included a freshly made Lavender Room Spray to create a calming, relaxing feel in any room you wish.

Each year, we grow about 25 lavender plants in the Mayernik Garden.  We’ve written quite a bit about lavender and its deliciously calming effects, and our room spray is no different.  We’ve taken the flowers fresh off of our homegrown plants in order to brew our spray, so it not only smells fantastic, it offers all the perks of an all-natural, organic concoction.  Lavender is super easy to grow, and is fairly low maintenance.  If you’re looking for an addition to your garden that looks nice, smells great, and blends well with your other flowers and herbs, lavender is the way to go.

Relaxing Homemade Lavender Spray - Mayernik Kitchen #mayernikkitchen


The relaxing effects of our room spray will allow for an improved night’s sleep, an impromptu afternoon zen session, or just a simple breathe-easy exercise to lighten your load for a moment or two.  Though the basic use of our spray is a quick spritz into your room of choice to freshen the atmosphere, our favorite use is to spray a bit on our pillows.  The relaxing scent allows for a better, more restful sleep.  Sweet dreams, everyone!