Products out of Stock – WHY?

Products out of Stock – WHY?

By Shannon, Posted in MK Product

We get the question often, “Why do you run out of stock of specific products?”

I am here today, to share with you why some of our products are out of stock, sometimes for months at a time.

As plant medicine makers, we try our hardest to use plants/weeds/herbs that grow on our land, or ones we can locally forage sustainably. With that being said, living in Northern New Jersey sometimes poses that to be difficult.

We start seeing plants break through the winter ground sometimes as early as mid-March, but depending on if there is snow, it could be as late as mid-April. We are always at the mercy of the weather. We grow, harvest and forage throughout the spring, summer and autumn and try to prepare as much as we could when the plants are in their peak season.


First Aid Plantain Salve

The one product we get the most requests for is our First Aid Plantain Salve. We make the salve with plantain we forage in our garden, usually with the young, fresh leaves. Plantain grows throughout the year, but the fresh, young leaves are the ones we like to forage and use when we make our infused oil.

Each year, we try to forecast how much infused oil we need to hold us over, but sometimes demand is higher than what we anticipate. Each year is a learning lesson, so, if you are interested in our First Aid Plantain Salve, click the notify me link under the product, and you will be one of the first to know when it’s back in stock.


Homegrown Honey

Another favorite product of ours that you love is our Homegrown Honey! Our amazing bees work hard from early spring until mid-autumn and make us some of the tastiest honey we’ve had in years. We honestly have NO control over our honey harvest. Our job is to keep our bees healthy and safe, but those girls do all the work. They go out and forage daily, collecting nectar and pollen to bring back into the hives that is then turned into honey. If we have a rainy/dry/cold/hot spring/summer, that effects our honey crop. Last year, we harvested honey from our hives twice and sold out within weeks. Because we only have two hives, our honey crop is limited.


Other MK Products

Some of our other products run out of stock, because it takes time to infuse tinctures and oils. We let our tinctures and infused oils sit for at least SIX WEEKS! Other times, they sit for 8-10 weeks. We allow the plants to release all their medicinal properties and that is why they sometimes infuse, for what seems like forever!

I hope this clears up a few questions you might have had about our products. We try our hardest to provide you with the best possible product we can make, with all that nature has to provide!